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Hey, people. I’m in the midst of NaNoWriMo, and doing well, so let’s get to the review.

This week, I want to talk about another comic book. This week, we’re discussing Skullkickers.

Series blurb, from Comixology:

No one knows who these two mercenaries are or where they came from. The only thing that’s clear is they’re two of most ornery, trouble-making warriors that’ve ever lived. It’s action-adventure comedy, sword & sorcery-style.
Before their new comic series began, the Skullkickers kicked their way across two short stories in Image’s Eisner Award-winning Popgun anthology series. Discover these two tales and an exclusive sneak peek at the first issue of Skullkickers.

Skullkickers, like just about all the fantasy comics I’ve talked about, is set in your standard fantasy world, but with a twist. The twist this time being that the protagonists happen to be the worst sort of amoral, mercenary adventurers you could expect from this kind of setting. They’ll kill just about anything if there’s money in it, but not a moment before.

I know that sounds pretty dark, but the comic is actually pretty funny. Actually, I think it might have been the first D&D-esque comic that I read. I certainly remember sending a copy to somebody as part of the ImpishIdea Secret Santa one year.

Anyway, if the Dungeons & Dragons comic from a few weeks ago was basically a comic adaptation of an actual D&D game, this would be the comic adaptation of a D&D cartoon, and not just because the art style has a very cartoony bent to it. If that cartoon also happened to be something more at an adult audience than children.

So, what’s the D&D connection, apart from the generic fantasy setting and the protagonists being adventurers? Well, in 2014, two years into this comic’s run, the writer, Jim Zub, got tapped to write the latest licensed D&D comic published by IDW. This one focuses on the escapades of a group of adventurers, including Minsc, a fan-favorite from the old Baldur’s Gate games. I haven’t been following that series beyond the first five issues, but it ties in closely with the products coming out of Wizards of the Coast, with the characters visiting Ravenloft (Curse of Strahd) and currently dealing with some out of control giants (Storm King’s Thunder).

And if you’re still not certain if Skullkickers is for you, I have some good news – Zub and Edwin Huang, the artist, decided to start releasing the comic online, for free, a few pages at a time, finally finishing in March of last year. So, if you were so inclined, you could read the entire run of Skullkickers for free, starting here.

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  1. Juracan on 20 November 2017, 21:42 said:

    Did someone say free awesome action-adventure comedy comics? I’m on board.

  2. Apep on 20 November 2017, 23:27 said:

    Indeed I did. But you should still consider buying the print/digital versions anyway, if only to support this kind of thing.

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