Welcome to Sunday’s report. If you missed Saturday’s, it is here

It gets more exciting on Sunday, I meet some fabulous people, and possibly the most exciting anti-Twilighter.

Oh, and I meant to say in the Saturday Report, the reason why some of the photos are a bit ghostly looking, well, that’s what happens when I visit the Land of the Living.

Part I

Sunday! The second and last day. I’ve given up keeping count of dirty looks, but it is amusing to watch people’s eyes as they read and walk past me. Two great things about today: meeting another fellow anti-Twilighter in the YHA lounge—she liked my t-shirt :D—and meeting Gary Kurtz

Excuse me, not even the awesomeness that was Gary Kurtz can distract myself from wanting to stab myself in the eye with this pen. Two people on the next table are talking about how awesome Twilight is and that it’s not a kid’s book! it has so much underlying stuff!

Gary Kurtz. He was awesome. And lovely. It’s only just started sinking in that I met the producer of Star Wars.



I left a piece of paper on the artists’ table advertising ImpishIdea. I stole Kitty’s stalking picture. It was the only one that was simple enough for my pathetic skills.

NO. I can’t take it anymore. I MUST LEAVE.

Part II

OH. EM. GEE. I think I’ve just met the best anti-Twilighter ever…Jewel Staite’s husband.

Well, he didn’t commit, you couldn’t really, but commenting on my t-shirt? YEAH.

Heh, me and Sah got time to go see Scott Bakula together. He was such a charming man. So pleasant and friendly to the con-goers UNLIKE A CERTAIN SHATNER.

That’s Eve Myles, I normally hate taking pictures from a distance, talk about stalkerish, but, well, I was bored in the Michael Shanks queue.

You know who is also amazing? Hugh Quarshie! Aw man, he is one of those quintessential English actors. I love his work so much.

I finally bullied my friend Laura into getting Thomas Sangster’s autograph, so I had the perfect excuse to go up to him and talk and discuss Tintin and get a picture. He is just adorabubble. And he has big hair. Aw.

Part III

Well, it’s all over. Finally ran away just before 6pm. I was like “Are you guys leaving yet? No? In a minute? Ok…” Ten minutes later… “GUYS. SRS. Are we lea… oh never mind.”

Five minutes later:

GUYS. I’m tired. I’m going home.”

Hugs for all, and then I got outta there and had to go back to the hostel because I left my backpack there. And then to the station. Fell asleep on the Tube, and woke up at one point to see “King’s Cross St. Pancras”

Crap on a crutch. My stop.

I leapt out of my seat, grabbed my bag and jumped off the train.

Walked up top, stopping to top up my NEW Oyster card (long story. Long, painful story. Involving Tube staff and an undercover policeman) with £10, so it’s nicely monefied for my next trip down.

Look at board. Oh, there’s a train at 6:15pm, what’s the time?


Platform 8.

Next one at 6:52pm


Part IV

I made the train. Just. Am now stuck at K____, because of signal problems. Oy.

When I’m not dressed in a black cloak, I wear jeans and trainers.

It got real bleak while I was stuck at E___ waiting for the next train. And then it started raining.

But never mind! because I had an awesome weekend. Best bits:

1. Going to the First Twinings Shop
2. Seeing Australia House
3. Being let out of the underground by an undercover policeman
4. Seeing Sean Maguire (oh why oh why did I not go say hello? >< He so pretty).
5. Meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for years
6. Seeing Moon, by Duncan Jones (one word review: excellent)
7. Waking up in the morning and getting confused about which country I was in (dang hostels)
8. Guessing, on Saturday, my friend’s secret Sunday cosplay (except he lied, the bastard :D)
9. Making way too many staff innuendo jokes (he’s holding his staff erect!) about a friend’s Tok’ra uniform
10. Eating red bean paste rolls
11. Meeting Thomas Sangster, Justin Chon and Paul Couvela
12. Jewel Staite’s husband
13. A cosplayer as Doctor Manhatten
14. Buying a TARDIS alarm clock
15. Watching Danny John Jules’ kids have a whale of a time running about
16. My friends LAURA and SAH.
17. Seeing someone with an xkcd “Science. It works, bitches.” t-shirt.

Thank you for putting up with the tales of my weekend antics. If anyone reading this saw me at the con, then please say something. I want to know whether the t-shirt was worth the expense.

Well, it was, because it’s a supercomfy t-shirt.

I just want to know if it did anything.

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  1. DrAlligator on 22 July 2009, 05:20 said:

    I want pics of the Doctor Manhattan cosplayer.

  2. Puppet on 22 July 2009, 11:13 said:

    Tintin, ftw.

    You are so weird, I love it really. ;)

  3. Adam on 23 July 2009, 01:49 said:

    Sounds like you had a good time! xkcd is starting to break my heart, though, since it sucks hugely now and it used to be so good and make me laugh. Oh well…that happens to anything if it sticks around long enough, I guess.

  4. SMARTALIENQT on 24 July 2009, 00:01 said:

    I heart Jewel Staite’s husband. Don’t let my sister hear you diss Shatner, though. Nice article!

    (Also, I had a dyslexic moment and read “St. Pancras” as “St. Pancreas.” lol)

  5. Aquanaut on 24 July 2009, 14:27 said:

    Yes! I finally saw your real visage, Jeni. I never thought you were the Grim Reaper, though …

    There is a similar convention at Montreal in two weeks ( Woohoo ! Something big happened close to my home ! ) and apparently, G.R.R. Martin will be there. I never go out in those place before but I’ll made it just to see him.

  6. Jeni on 24 July 2009, 16:39 said:

    Oh well…that happens to anything if it sticks around long enough, I guess.

    xkcd is relatively young compared to a lot of webcomics…

    Don’t let my sister hear you diss Shatner, though. Nice article!

    Apologies, but Mr. Shatner has a… reputation amongst the con-goers. And it’s not unfounded.

    And thank you. ^^

    I never go out in those place before but I’ll made it just to see him.

    You should definitely go! Cons and signing events are some of the funnest places ever. Especially your first few times. :D

  7. OverlordDan on 27 July 2009, 07:53 said:


    Glad you had fun :D

  8. Steph the one who sucketh at lurking well. eth. on 31 July 2009, 04:39 said:

    Lol, I read it as Pancreas, too! It’s very funny, Jeni!

  9. Artimaeus on 1 August 2009, 00:33 said:

    Wait, Jewel Staite played Kaylee on Firefly, right? Excuse me while my inner fanboy dies of jealousy.