I have heard rumors about an article a-brewing from our newest (future) contributor, Rosey Unicorn. It involves culture, worldbuilding, and (probably) Mughal India.

We’ll be looking forward to it, yes.

In site-specific news, your resident Despot has been waging a war on spambots. If you see a spam comment anywhere, be sure to let me know by commenting on the latest news post. You can nab individual comment links by clicking the date next to the poster’s name.

The submissions system is also being very stubborn. It’s being so stubborn, in fact, that your resident Despot is beginning to consider alternative methods to the one method currently being employed with regards to new user account creation.

To that end, the non-working Submit link has been removed from the navigation. I’ll put it back when I’m closer to actually completing the new system, like I thought I was when I put it up in the first place.

Bugs are evil like that.


  1. Puppet on 28 April 2012, 23:55 said:

    Hey, Kyllorac. You’re awesome.