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    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009

    Sly told me. :P


    And the Impish Writing forum is off limits to guests as well, right? That makes me feel a little better about sharing what I write.

    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009

    Try logging in as a guest and see what you can’t see. ;)



    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009


    Wow. I had no idea that we could hide things from guests.

    Question: When somone just comes to the forums, they are automatically logged in as guests, no? They don’t actually have to click a button that says, “log in as guest”?

    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2009

    Yeah, they are automatically logged in as a guest, you should try looking at the forums as a guest, it’s rather strange. :P


    Lol. I can see the categories I blocked :)


    I’m wanted to do JulNoWriMo, but I procrastinated.

    I’ve started AugNoWrimo (beginning on 31 July instead) and I’ve realized that I won’t be able to reach 50k unless I add 30k or 20k of crap. I’d add in some subplots, but I lack the cleverness to make enough decent ones (and, well, not even one).


    There’s an AugNo too!?

    Well, too late to start now, I suppose. I should be happy enough that I actually completed JulNo.


    There’s an AugNo too!?

    Yes, there is.

    Good job on finishing JulNo.


    Lol. After JulNo is completely over.


    At least you didn’t spend forty years on the novel?

    cringes and hopes you won’t


    I am reopening this thread as July is coming soon around the bend. I am planning on participating in JulNo, but it would be wonderful if anyone else would like to join. I am already involved in the ImpishWriting program here on the site, but JulNo is great for really getting a whole lot of writing done.

    Anyone interested?

    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2010

    I would, but unfortunately I’ll be away for two weeks come July on a mission trip in Arkansas with no computer access and no time to write… so I’ll have to pass.

    No force on Earth can prevent me from NaNo, though!


    I totally forgot about this. I might have another go at it, as there is less to do this summer than last year. I just need to get motivated, which has always been a problem with me and writing.


    Love to, but can’t. I’m already busy as it is.


    I just need to get motivated, which has always been a problem with me and writing.

    Same…would you like to be motivation buddies?


    Same…would you like to be motivation buddies?

    suspicious look

    What exactly does that entail?


    I don’t know, whatever you want. Basically, we’d look over each other’s stuff and offer encouragement, etc.


    Ok, sounds cool. :D


    I don’t think it’s necessary to make new critique threads for this…you’re doing the II Writing thing, right? Then we can just post on those threads.