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    So Twilight won: Best Film, Best Kiss, Best Fight, Breakthrough Male Performance, and Breakthrough Female Performance.

    What really upsets me is the Best Film/Best Fight win, especially since Twilight was up against the Dark Knight, for goodness sakes. Then again, this was the MTV movie awards...
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2009

    Who the hell was voting on this? Best fight? You could almost see the wires!

    And how could “Breakthrough Male Performance” not go to Heath Ledger? (I will punch anyone who says “because he’s dead”)

    Technically, Heath's been out there a while. That might be it. Plus, many consider his breakthrough performance to be 'Brokeback Mountain'.

    I agree that Twilight winning Best Fight was laughable though.
    It's MTV, the network for annoying, little gits. There's definitely not much of a surprise in seeing Twilight get awarded.
    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2009

    MTV: Could we possibly get more culturally irrelevant? Just watch us!