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    I keep seeing how people keep comparing Edward to a father figure. Whether that is a good or bad thing depends on who’s saying it, but I can see the similarities: he’s older, sophisticated, knows many things that Bella does not, tries to control her, gets exasperated when he fails, is always picking her up and hugging her, he gets her a car, just like Charlie… the list is endless.

    My question is: could Bella be projecting her Electra complex on to Edward? She refers to Charlie by his first name, not as “Dad” or “Father” or whatever. Could she have a complex? Discuss.


    It isn’t just Bella. You look at the two instances of Pedowolfery, and it points to a (possibly unconscious) undercurrent of the weird fixation on child-brides and excessively paternal husbands in some Mormon circles.

    Meyer herself just has the hots for Hikaru Genji.

    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2009 edited

    It’s a bit of a streach, but I can see where you’re coming from. Bella never had a father figure, so it’s no wonder that now she’s attracted to an older man whose unconditional love “justifies” his desire to control her life. And imprinting is also suspect. Meyer herself said that if imprintee is significantly younger than the imprinter, the imprenter is going to assume the roll of a “father or an uncle or a friend” until the imprintee is ready to be the other half of a sexual relationship. Freud would have been proud.


    You make an interesting point here SAQT, and I think it’d be quite plausible. Although, if it were so, I highly doubt Ms. Meyer was aware of what she was doing when she was writing the books.Hmmm…. I shall have to think about this…