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    • CommentAuthorDanielle
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2011

    Well, I just watched the pilot of Terra Nova yesterday. While parts of it were decent, other parts were pretty awful, and I can’t say I wasn’t surprised. (It IS SyFy, after all.)

    So my question was…..if I were to begin sporking a few episodes, would anyone read it? Would it violate the laws of sporking? (I’d think not, since TV shows require writing, just like any other entertainment medium.) I’d post snatches of dialogue, describe the settings (not hard, since most of the producer’s vision of a polluted Earth seems taken directly from WALL-E) and basically spare you the pain of watching it. :P



    I’d read it. I watched that episode and found it cringe-worthy.

    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2011

    Sure. I was kinda wondering why anyone would want to be sent that far back in time, except to go “Look! Dinosaurs!”


    It seemed pretty stupid to me, but my brother loves dinosaurs, so he liked it. Then again, he does love Clone Wars.


    Sure, why not?
    I’m not familiar with this new atrocity of a series, but if it’s bad enough to be sporked, I’m definitely onboard.