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    Says it all on the tin. Has SMeyer gotten better? Is Bree just a Sue? What do you reckon?

    Spoilers in hidden text, please.


    I read some of it. It didn’t have nauseating descriptions of the male lead, which was an improvement right off the bat. However, expressions like ‘cheeseburger of pain’ just scream, well, cheesiness. I’m not particularly interested in finishing it, even.

    • CommentAuthorDanielle
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2010

    I’m on page 3, and I have to say that Bree’s voice is far less annoying than Bella’s. Still, it sounds like Meyer is trying too hard to make Bree sound tough and street-smart. And the two vampires’s argument…..gah. Such a lame attempt at humor.