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  • War Wizards Rule


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    Nov 5th 2011

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    Dec 11th 2011

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    The Sword of Truth Series (the ones I've read); The Lord of The Rings (including The Hobbit); Harry Potter; The Inheritance Cycle; Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld; The Hunger Games; The Redwall series..

  • Nation of Residence

    Imagi Nation

  • Country of Residence

    The back-country (not true)

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    Diver City

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    Ever changing (17 at time of typing)

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    United States of America

  • Screen Name Origin

    It's from the Sword of Truth series. War Wizards are the Rarest kind of wizard, and there hasn't been one in 3,000 years. Wizard stuff is kept in a castle called the Wizard's Keep, and even the most

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    powerful and knowledgeable wizard alive, a wizard of the First Order couldn't get into certain parts of the Keep. Those parts were parts where only the War Wizard could go. When a certain character

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    turns out to be a wizard, he ends up being able to get into those protected ares and discovers information about what he really is. Traditionally, wizards are supposed to be humble peacemaker sorts.

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    As a result, all they wear is simple robes. The war wizard, however, is dressed like a king. And the reason is quite surprising. As far as we know, Wizard ranking goes up to the First Order, once

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    there, everybody is pretty much equal although some could get stronger as they train more. Now, it was said somewhere in the series that magic is all about balance, and wizard was something akin to

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    peacemaker. With that said War Wizard kind of makes sense, because the title balances out. But why is it a WAR wizard? What's special? Well, they have UNLIMITED POWER. How the heck is that balanced?

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    Well, they have no control of magic. A War Wizard, even though he has the power to blow up the World then turn it into a pink, inside out version of Middle Earth with flying power ranger hobbits,

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    can't even light some tinder if he wanted too. It's all about need. He can only do that which is an absolute necessity for him to do. In that way, he can end wars if no one else can. If he has too,

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    he can take down ALL the wizards to protect peace.