“Come, O thou eater of men’s flesh, let us end this fight of ours.” (p. 64)

Shakespeare is doing gymnastics in his grave.

“My massster does not want me to kill you,” it hissed.” (p. 64)

Well, I had no idea it was hissing until you said so. I have noticed though, the sss’s have been toned down. They forgot to sss “does” into “doesss”. While I would call making the Ra’zac’s dialogue less ridiculous an improvement, here it is just inconsistent with their speech in the first book.

The inconsistencies continue. Sssee if you can count the number of times something should have been hissed but wasn’t. Really, this just doesn’t make any sense.

““No. If I fall to your staff, let Galbatorix deal with you as he will. He has more heartsss than you do.”“ (p. 64)

Not so subtle hint to the ending.

“Foolish boy.”

“She was my hatchmate. You have become ssstrong since we firssst met, Shadeslayer.”

What the hell gives? It’sss like only every other word gets to be ‘sss’d.

There is a lot more of this that I’m too tired to quote. But suffice it to say, the speech tag “hissed” is used loads more. Now the Ra’zac makes a perfectly reasonable request. That Eragon make sure that they are remembered. And Eragon refuses, seeing as he has no sense of history. No wait, that isn’t right, he has shown his interest in history numerous times over the past two books. So really, Eragon just hates the Ra’zac. Racism, how you make my heart shrivel. After being denied a perfectly reasonable request, the Ra’zac is understandably mad.

“Curssse you, Rider! I curssse you! May you find no rossst nor den nor peace of mind thisss land of yours. May you leave Alagaesia and never return!” (p. 65)

Of course, Paolini can’t help but point out Angela has already predicted this entirely. Except he manages to use the word “selfsame”, terrible.

“A mare’s tail of blood seperate Eragon from his enemy” (p. 66)

I don’t understand this sentence at all. I can’t tell if it is a metaphor or something literal or what. It just doesn’t make sense.

“Eragon batted the shaft aside with his staff.” (p. 66)

Jedi powers.

“Wiping his mouth, he yanked the staff free and whispered, “For our father. For our home. For Carvahall. For Brom. . . . I have had my fill of vengence. May you rot here forever, Ra’zac.”“

Needless duplicity in this list. Turns out, Carvahall was your home, and Brom was your father.

Now Eragon carries Sloan out of the caves…

“He blinked away the beads of sweat that clung to his eyelashes as he struggled to solve the problem of how he was supposed to transport Sloan and himself five thousand-some feet to the ground. “It’s almost a mile down,” he murmured.”

That first sentence is extremely awkward. Anyways, I always found it curious that CP has taken the time to “invent” four “languages” but not a different unit of measurement. Curiously Earth like. Also, I would like to note mountains that tall occur as a part of mountain ranges, and don’t stand alone as the highly improbable Helgrind does.

Now, Eragon levitates down the mountain. Although he nearly kills himself from overuse of Magick ® while doing so. Then he is saved by a bee?!

“The bumblebee was so vibrant, so alive, and so beautiful, its presence renewed Eragon’s will to survive. A world with that contained a creature as amazing as that bumblebee was a world he wanted to live in.”

Meanwhile, Arya heard Eragon was still alive, and committed suicide.

Then Eragon “kills” plants to restore his energy. Oh man, I’m never going to get tired of the way Eragon is a parasite.

Ugh, a whole page recounting the way his quest is finally over. We get it. And he walks off with his super elven pace, kidnapped man on his back.

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  1. John Doe on 3 October 2008, 22:21 said:

    Really? You’re gonna laugh at “His staff lay across his lap,”? You’re ‘that’ childish?

  2. SlyShy on 3 October 2008, 22:51 said:

    Dear Mr. Doe,

    If it offends your sense of maturity, I’ve removed it. That said, the Inheritance Cycle is uniquely prone to innuendo in a manner not seen outside the realms of The Eye of Argon.

    Also, you can simply close text in underscore marks for emphasis, as such: You were the one who noticed the innuendo.

  3. Lord Snow on 5 October 2008, 02:39 said:

    Wait… John, your actually immature enough to complain about innuendo? :P

  4. Delzra on 1 December 2008, 19:26 said:

    Yet I still never got how a thing with a beak can hiss…

  5. SMARTALIENQT on 24 May 2009, 10:19 said:

    I counted 13 unhisssed hisssessss. That includes the “s” sound in “peace”, so maybe 12.

    “He blinked away the beads of sweat that clung to his eyelashes as he struggled to solve the problem of how he was supposed to transport Sloan and himself five thousand-some feet to the ground. “It’s almost a mile down,” he murmured.”

    That first sentence is extremely awkward. Anyways, I always found it curious that CP has taken the time to “invent” four “languages” but not a different unit of measurement. Curiously Earth like.

    Nope, just an inconsistency. It used to be leagues – also Earth-like, but more suited to the time he was attempting to convey.

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