And now it’s time for another episode of Bad Author/Good Author.

Author- What is this?
Bob- Well you wrote ‘its cold outside’ and it should be ‘it’s’ with the apostrophe.
A- How dare you criticize me! Did you ever consider that by breaking the formational rules of grammar I was evoking in the readers a shattering of their preconceptions so that they might awaken to the deeper meanings of synergy underlining the perceived distortions inherent in reality?
B- Dude, this was supposed to be a children’s book about rabbits – rabbits that tech grammar.
A- Begone you stupid worm! When you have won half the awards and acclaim I have, then you may address me as such.

Author- What is this?
Bob- Your latest manuscript.
A- There’s only 3 marks on it.
B- Yes, I thought your prose most excellent and ready for print.
A- I have not improved this much from my first novel when you decorated my pages with red ink. This entire story was four hundred pages about a hamster running in his wheel. I wrote it just to see if you were paying attention!
B- And I thought it marvelously original.
A- It was crap and we both know it. Now do your job as an editor and give me some useful feedback or go fire yourself out of a cannon.

Cracked’s take on this.


  1. Jeni on 4 February 2010, 10:22 said:

    B- Dude, this was supposed to be a children’s book about rabbits – rabbits that tech grammar.

    I’m being helpful!

  2. Nate Winchester on 4 February 2010, 10:32 said:

    And this is why we all love Jeni.

    Look out or you’ll be writing the “good editor/bad editor” article next.

  3. WiseWillow on 4 February 2010, 12:53 said:

    Both authors seem to be a bit rude… funny article though :D

  4. RomanticVampireLover on 4 February 2010, 13:38 said:

    Heheh, nicely done, Nate.:D

  5. Inspector Karamazov on 4 February 2010, 17:05 said:

    This made my day less annoying. Thank ye, Natiepoo!

  6. Steph the absent in mind, present in body on 6 February 2010, 01:30 said:

    [rolls around on floor laughing]
    Your dignity has been trampled forever, Nate.

    All that aside, loved the article.

  7. Danielle on 6 February 2010, 01:42 said:

    The first one reminded me of Cormac McCarthy.

    Great article, Nate….or do you prefer Natiekins?

  8. Nate Winchester on 6 February 2010, 12:38 said:

    Either one’s ok. Despite Steph’s crazy notions, I’ve never had dignity or self respect.

  9. MegaHeroes16 on 14 July 2010, 17:10 said:

    And now it’s time for some Captain Obvious time.
    Moral of the story =
    Bad Authors think they’ve done enough at their story, Good Authors think their story needs some rewriting and such.