swenson (note the lowercase s) first came to ImpishIdea to read the Eragon and Twilight articles and ended up getting pulled in by such works of art such as the Hawkmistress! and Maradonia sporks. She is currently attending an American university for computer science, with a double minor of English and Interwebs. By conventional logic, between school and work swenson should have approximately 3 hours of internet time a week; it is as yet unknown how she instead manages a average of 27 hours a day.

swenson’s interests include fantasy and science fiction, videogames, mocking bad writing in any medium, and eating strawberries. She writes far less often than she should and is likely currently procrastinating on an awful lot of homework. And yes, she knows changing her name to “swensdottir” would clear up a lot of confusion about her gender.

Articles by swenson: