Chapter Eighty-One – Lady Ruchi & King Genarius

I have to say, Lady Ruchi has a Barbie doll figure there. Those arms look like they would snap like a twig.

Maya sees Sagitta flying around and this is a good sign, according to Genarius.

“I had to promise King Astrodoulos that I will marry the lady” (page 675).

HAD to marry her? This doesn’t sound promising.

Genarius wants to introduce them to Ruchi because he’s getting married in a few days. Maya thinks this was a fast decision, but Genarius assures them it wasn’t because he’s known and loved Ruchi for a very long time, however, the ‘political situation’ never allowed them to get married, because there was always ‘something else’ going on. This is what poor writers do when they can’t think of good reasons for why something hasn’t happened yet.

“What does ‘Ruchi’ mean?” Joey asked.

“The name ‘Ruchi’ means… a love is growing into a wish to please and to shine before the beloved one.

“Wow, she must be some kind of a cool woman! I hope that I will find a wife one day just like that and with that kind of attributes!” Joey said (page 676).

That has to be one of the most convoluted name meanings I’ve ever heard of. I also don’t know why Joey is so impressed by this. Maybe he isn’t aware that people don’t pick their own names, and the fact that someone has a cool name doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a cool person. Also… attributes? You want a wife with the ‘attribute’ of having a name with a cool meaning? Okay then.

Everyone starts preparing for the wedding ceremony. Joey tells Maya that he’s tired because of everything they’ve been through. Helpfully, he then lists everything they’ve done recently, even though Maya was there and lived through all of it. It eats up another half a page. At the end of it, Joey says that he wants to have a few days off before they go home, and Maya enthusiastically agrees.

Wait. Go home? This is the very first this has been mentioned. Tesch doesn’t give any reasons why they’re going to go home soon. They haven’t really accomplished anything. They didn’t complete their quest. There is no logical reason for why Maya and Joey would need to return home…except for Tesch’s reason, which is because it’s the end of the book and she’s decided they’re going to go home. So Tesch just decided to throw it in there like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and probably hoped her readers were too stupid to question it.

The central towers of Selinka as well as many of the houses inside the city were soon rebuilt and the picture of the city did not show too much debris from the earthquake (page 677).

Not likely. A tenth of the city was destroyed. You live in pseudo-medieval times. You’re going to have to go to quarries, cut out new stone blocks, transport them to the city…we’re talking about a process that would take months. Not a few days. Also, what is ‘the picture of the city’?

So they use AstroJesus’ coach and Genarius and Ruchi sit up front and Maya and Joey sit in the back and they ride through the city while the masses scream their praises until they arrive in front of City Hall. Senator Hilton marries them. Everyone parties and marvels at the beauty of Lady Ruchi. The celebration lasts for a while. Tesch describes the buildings that are covered in pure gold and stuff like that. All the captains and generals of the army touch Genarius’ sword – no, not that sword – and swear loyalty and it’s not that interesting.

Eventually, Maya leans over to Joey and suggests they head back to AstroJesus’ pad and visit the unicorns and Maya’s dog, Phoenix, who she misses. What what what? A Phoenix mention? In case you’re interested, Phoenix was last mentioned 346 pages ago, on page 335.

Joey agrees. He then asks Maya what Genarius told her about the three airships that were stolen. Apparently they, their crews, and their cargo of gold all vanished without a trace. This intrigues Joey, but they’ll have to wait until Genarius gets back from his honeymoon to figure it out. Yes, Genarius is taking a honeymoon. Who cares that there’s a war going on?

Joey asks Maya what they can do about the stolen gold and airships.

Maya looked at her brother mild tolerant and said, “Wait and see!” (page 682)

I don’t know what that means.

Drinks: 23

Chapter Eighty-Two – Conspiracy in Patmos

Maya and Joey leave the wedding and go to pick up their backpacks, which they load with all the crap they’ve collected during their time there. Joey eyes the key to the underworld and launches into an impromptu speech that no one, teenager or adult, would ever say:

“Hmm… this instrument is indeed a heavy burden for us but I have responsibility to protect us and the king’s household and I will carry this weapon to the ends of the world, if I have to.”

“I trust you Joey,” Maya confirmed (page 684).

Yeah, it’s a terribly heavy burden, your little Deus Ex Machina stick that you used to fry a bunch of birds and start a forest fire. You know, the same one that the KING advised you to get rid of because it was dangerous?

Their escort arrives and takes them to AstroJesus’ pad. Phoenix comes out and licks Maya’s face. This makes Joey think of…you guessed it, HOPPY! Remember Hoppy? This is the first time Joey has thought of him in 502 pages. But we still don’t find out what happened to him.

They talk to some people at the farm for a while, pet a baby unicorn, and learn some uninteresting history. Joey decides to name the stables ‘Patmos Stables’ after the monks that used to live there. Never mind what name the dead King AstroJesus might have already given the place.

That night Maya can’t sleep. She decides to visit the unicorns. She puts some boots on and heads outside and frolics around for a bit. Eventually she jumps onto a unicorn’s back, which is really, really hard to do, and goes for a ride. It’s a magical experience. Then she goes back to bed.

The next day Maya and Joey walk out looking for the unicorns and nothing happens for two pages. Eventually the unicorns get back and they all take off. The unicorns agree to take them by the Lake Lagoon when the time comes so they can say goodbye to the mermaids. Then, Fayina offers Maya a ride back to the farmhouse.

No one has ever sat on Fayina’s back before, but Maya smoothed Fayina’s sturdy neck affectionately and jumped on her back. Fayina was shocked for a moment but Maya detected something like a slight smile that flit over Fayina’s face. Maya was gentle and Fayina was patient and both felt good (page 693).

Horses can’t really smile, and if they can, it certainly can’t ‘flit’ over their face. Also, is it just me or is that paragraph awfully suggestive?

Eventually Genarius gets back and says he has something secret to tell them…so secret that they can only discuss it while wearing their Tarnkappes. Maya and Joey go and put on their Tarnkappes and wander around invisible, waiting for Genarius. While they do that, Maya notices General Felipe pull out a little bottle and pass it surreptitiously to one of his officers. This concerns Maya because the bottle looks very similar to the bottle of poison that killed Commander Justin. She sneaks a bit closer and overhears Felipe talking. Out in the open. About committing treason.

Felipe tells the officer to pour the liquid into the glass only if he scratches his right ear with his right hand. And once ‘he’ is dead, they’ll blame the Encouragers, since Joey is next in line for the throne. Maya and Joey will be beheaded and Felipe will take the throne! After they whack Lady Ruchi, of course. Felipe mentions the survivors of the ship crews and says that soon, the officers will be filthy rich. And that is that.

They meet up with Genarius and Joey mentions that the King looks depressed, which is odd, because the King is invisible. Maybe wearing a Tarnkappe means you can see other invisible people. In which case Tesch shouldn’t be saying that Genarius was invisible because he’s not to Maya and Joey.

Joey tells Genarius that he should be very happy because he just had a majestic weeding party. I think you mean “wedding” party, Tesch. A weeding party does not sound very fun at all.

Genarius explains that they still haven’t found the gold transport ships, plus a few shiploads of horses have vanished. It seems like there’s a conspiracy afoot. I’m not feeling a conspiracy so much as the fact that you are AT WAR with people who have MAGICAL POWERS.

Anyway, Ruchi told Genarius that during her weekly tea party she was talking to her friend Ginger, who is friends with Candace, who is Felipe’s wife. I swear I’m not making this up. Anyway, Candace has missed the last few tea parties because she’s away on business in Arkadia…which is where things keep going missing. Objection! Hearsay!

Maya starts firing questions at Genarius, for some reason.

Genarius says that he understands other people well but feels nearsighted around people close to him. He thinks that someone close to him wants him out of the way. Maya then launches into a page long speech about nothing in particular and finished by saying that she and Joey are going to help him stay in power.

Joey starts sputtering and asks how Maya ‘dares’ to talk to the King of Maradonia like that, which is funny for several reasons. First, because nothing Maya said was actually rude, and second, because Joey has said plenty of ruder and dumber things.

They argue for a bit and finally get back on topic. Maya explains that some people have arrived that want to poison him. Tonight, General Felipe will invite them to dinner, have a toast, give one of his ‘loyal captain buddies’ a sign, and they’ll poison Genarius.

Joey looked at his sister and said, “You have told me nothing about these things?”

“You did not ask me.” (page 705)

No shit, Sherlock. Most people don’t randomly walk up to their sister and ask “Hey, just curious: have you overheard any plots to poison the king recently?”

Maya explains what the sign is. Genarius asks why Felipe would want to do something like that. Maya explains Felipe’s complete plan. Joey is horrified.

“Maya… are you sick? How could you come up with such an irrational story?” (page 706)

It doesn’t sound irrational at all. And why, precisely, is anything surprising you? You are wearing a hat that makes you invisible and lets you cross a mile in a single jump. You were saved from being barbecued by an enormous eagle. You’re watching unicorns frolic in a fantasy world. Is it really so fucking hard to believe that someone might want to poison the king and blame you? Really? Really, Joey? Are you that fucking stupid?

Maya explains that Felipe must have stolen the gold because he’ll need it to buy votes in the senate.

“…he needs also the horses for his cavalry to establish a strong foundation for his future administration.” (page 707)

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense.

“Hmm… You have a brilliant mind. Maya! I can see the connections. I’m proud of both of you” (page 707)

Why is he proud of both of them? Joey hasn’t done jack shit.

Genarius finally asks Maya how she knows all this and Maya explains. Then Maya and Joey have a bit of a pissing contest. Joey reminds her not to forget that he liberated the unicorns and the mermaids. Maya says she knows, and that all the girls love him. Joey points out that all the guys love her, including that one captain named Henry.

Ignoring Joey’s questions Maya said sluggishly, “It’s time to go back to the farmhouse.” (page 709)

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

King Genarius had a great experience during the conversation (page 709)

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

When they get back Felipe comes out and invites them all to dinner. Cliffhanger!

Drinks: 72

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  1. Sahgo on 22 March 2011, 23:37 said:

    Hoppy! Phoenix! I… didn’t miss you that much, but good to know you’re alive! (well, Phoenix, at least)

  2. Rorschach on 22 March 2011, 23:39 said:

    good to know you’re alive! (well, Phoenix, at least)

    Well you’re in for a bit of a nasty shock.

  3. Licht on 23 March 2011, 03:23 said:

    Without having read this yet:
    That woman’s forehead looks as if someone punched it in very hard. And the guy somehow reminds me of King Henry VIII.

  4. Licht on 23 March 2011, 03:35 said:

    “Also, what is ‘the picture of the city’?”
    Did she mean “cityscape”, per chance?

    Phoenix! That dog’s probably looking like the stuffed one from Scrubs by now. I can’t remember her feeding or caring for him in any way…

    At least there’s no “Edward” in love with Maya…

  5. LoneWolf on 23 March 2011, 04:55 said:

    Yeah! Captain Phillipe did turn out to be Evil!

    And the grammar takes a further nosedive in this chapter.

  6. dragonarya on 23 March 2011, 10:06 said:

    Horses can’t really smile, and if they can, it certainly can’t ‘flit’ over their face. Also, is it just me or is that paragraph awfully suggestive?

    No, it’s not just you. That paragraph is quite suggestive. …where’d I put that brain bleach?

  7. Charlotte on 23 March 2011, 10:15 said:

    Is Hoppy still in Joey’s pocket? Perhaps the reason we haven’t heard from him in a while is that he was accidentally squished?

  8. Danielle on 23 March 2011, 16:43 said:

    You know, someone should really do a Maradonia and Philosophy series of essays on this book. Only, in this case, it would probably end up being more like Maradonia and Mental Illness.

  9. Ridureyu on 23 March 2011, 22:23 said:

    Maradonia and Philosophy…

    The book clearly promotes Dadaism. You know, a complete denial of order, rationality, beauty, and meaning.

  10. Erin on 23 March 2011, 23:56 said:

    Is Hoppy still in Joey’s pocket? Perhaps the reason we haven’t heard from him in a while is that he was accidentally squished?

    That was my thought as well. That, or he quietly jumped out a long time ago to go hang out with people who weren’t complete morons.

    And they’re planning on going home now? Do they even know HOW to get home? Are they going to hike all the way back to the cave they first came through or what?

  11. Requiem on 24 March 2011, 01:57 said:

    I can only imagine Hell being forced to read a book as long as 800 pages with so many grammatical errors, plagiarism, and various other amateur mistakes.

    The only reason Rorschach can make it through is because he’s got booze.

  12. Curly on 24 March 2011, 03:06 said:

    Yay, my buddy Phoenix is back. How I have missed you. And maybe Hoppy was at the weeding party and forgot to let anyone know he was gone. But seriously, WHY HAS A CHARACTER BEEN MISSING FOR HUNDREDS OF PAGES WITH NO BLOODY EXPLANATION!? God, learn how to write before publishing a book with daddy’s money. And having a basic understanding of the english language would also be appreciated. Cheers.

  13. Gloria on 24 March 2011, 21:31 said:

    TWO-THOUSAND THEATRES! That’s where my book’s film adaptation is going, okay? And Maradonia hgas sold out all over the country, and people love it, incase you haven’t read the reviews on my website. God you guys are so jelous.

  14. Danielle on 24 March 2011, 22:22 said:

    TWO-THOUSAND THEATRES! That’s where my book’s film adaptation is going, okay? And Maradonia hgas sold out all over the country, and people love it, incase you haven’t read the reviews on my website. God you guys are so jelous.

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    Tell me, Gloria (if that is indeed your name) if it’s coming to two thousand theaters, why did you delete the only working trailer from your website? How do you plan to get people to see your movie without adequate publicity?

  15. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 14:47 said:

    Um….because it’s not ready yet? Our amazing trailer will be posted shortly, ok? Cause filming isn’t even done yet. Once it is, then we’ll put it up.

  16. Ridureyu on 25 March 2011, 14:49 said:

    Are you filming the whole movie first, or just filming the trailer?

    I can’t wait to see how the typos will be trnaslated on-screen. Maybe the characters will just mispronounce everything rampantly.

  17. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 14:54 said:

    Maya and Joey are great characters, and they’ll speak with eloquence and wisdom just like in my books.

    I’m filming the whole thing, then using footage from it to make the trailer. By the way, does anybody have a camera I can borrow? We need 4 for a fight scene, but we only have 3.


  18. Danielle on 25 March 2011, 16:47 said:

    There’s this wonderful new invention, Gloria. It’s called Wal-Mart. Those with a little money can always find what they’re looking for. I’m sure you can get a halfway decent camera there. I’m sure you can also find more fortune cookies for Maya and Joey to get their “wisdom” from.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go reread the last Harry Potter book.

  19. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 18:16 said:

    Uh…Maya and Joey are wise far beyond they’re years, and I’m sure their way smarter than you. They understand the world, and that’s why Joey was made Prince.

    Plus, Maya learned lots at “Sunday School” which is one of the reasons she so smart. She knows a lot about “God” and the “Bible”.

  20. Danielle on 25 March 2011, 18:34 said:

    I can’t believe I’m doing this, but….

    1. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. It is quite possible to have knowledge without wisdom, just as it is possible to be wise in the ways of the world but not in the ways of God. Maya and Joey, however, are not wise in either way. For example, a wise person would not risk compromising a delicate escape plan by taking some mermaids on a sightseeing tour of Hell right in the middle. That isn’t wise. It’s stupid.

    2. Maya is—what?—fifteen? Joey is fourteen, right? I’m older than they are, and while wisdom doesn’t always come with age, I must say I know better than to use a freakin’ flamethrower—sorry, _Key to the Underworld_—on some defenseless birds that happen to be flying overhead and risk burning down the entire forest while I’m at it. A person who is wise beyond their years wouldn’t do something that dumb.

    3. I learned lots at Sunday school, too. My mom teaches a Sunday school class at my church. Heck, she’s a credentialed minister! While I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about God (and I don’t think a fallen human can) I will say this: For kids who claim to be sold-out Christians, Maya and Joey sure don’t act like it. You want my reasons, I will be happy to give them.

  21. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 18:39 said:

    Eloquence and wisdom? I forgot what chapter it was, but I distinctly remember Joey cursing at Maya at one point. Ah, yes, the image at the sporking of chapter 3:

    Additionally, Gloria, it’s ‘their’, not ‘they’re’. Please learn some basic English grammer and rules before writing a book. That includes removing random italics and “quotation marks” around words you feel like putting them around.

  22. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 18:42 said:

    If it really is you, Gloria, which I doubt.

  23. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 18:42 said:

    Yeah, I want to know why you think that. Maya and Joey are characters “developed” so well and with so much complexity in their hearts that its almost unbelievable.

    1. Joey is clearly very wise, because he leads an army and is prince. maya is wise too because she saves the king and understands how to look inside herself fro answers.

    2. Joey only did that to try it out. And he’s very wise, as seen when he tests his army and beats the 7 tests of temptation. A dumb person could not overcome those mentally destructive tests.

    3. Maya and Joey are good Christians, because they are pure of heart and soul. Why do you say they are bad “Christians”?

  24. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 18:44 said:

    And to dragonarya:

    That page shows how Joey starts out, and then he becomes wise over time. I don’t blame you, Maradonia is a very difficult story to fully understand because of just how much is in it.

  25. Requiem on 25 March 2011, 19:02 said:

    Maradonia is difficult to understand because it doesn’t make sense grammatically or to anyone who knows something about storytelling, and of course if your characters are supposed to be wise they should think before they act. If you want to win a battle you can win it in more than one way through strategy and trickery.

  26. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 19:44 said:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t take anything you say seriously, Gloria. It’s riddled with grammatical errors first off, but it’s primarily because when I read your response to me and Danielle I laughed.
    The only reason Maradonia is difficult to understand is because it, like Requiem said, does not make sense to anyone who knows something about storytelling (which, let me assure you, we do), and even if you don’t, it still doesn’t make sense because it’s a poor story.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some water for the hiccups I got while laughing.

  27. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 19:55 said:

    But my story is amazing. Go to my website and see how many people loved it. And it’s got a movie coming out, and we have offers for Maradonia merchandise from New York professionals.

    Joey is extremely developed because he starts out as just a normal kid, maybe a little rude, but then he becomes a prince and leads an army. That kind of change doesn’t happen in bad novels with unrealistic characters. My story has my characters change because they are realistic and have powerful stories to tell.

  28. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 20:05 said:

    Joey is not sympathetic. He’s a selfish jerk, as Rorschach points out in all the sporkings of Maradonia so far. He’s not likeable. You say he changes, but I don’t see anything special about him.
    He’s not likeable for the readers; he doesn’t have any positive traits and he doesn’t act like a real person, so he’s not well developed. Simple as that.
    A movie coming out means absolutely squat.
    (Hope all my fellow Imps are finding this exchange amusing!)

  29. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 20:14 said:

    How is Joey unlikeable at all? He’s a hero. He freed the incorns. He helped the mermaids. All the girls love him because he’s saving the world from the “Evil Empire” and “Abaddon”.

    And if you ask why I put quotes around words and italicize them, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you write names and phrases. You guys need to learn more about writing.

  30. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 20:19 said:

    Also, “AstroJesus”, as you so like to call him, is the most powerful character ever written in a story. He sacrifices himself fro Maya and Joey, and his fight with the bag guys is absolutely epic beyond any other conflict in the history of writing.

    I’ve created a story so powerful that people like you are just too young to understand. I suppose I should have made it more clear that this is a mature story, which is why it contains things like “Swearing” and other things not for kids like you.

  31. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 20:22 said:

    No, you’re not supposed to do that, Gloria. I doubt it’s even you because not even in your book do you italicize the characters’ names. See here for quotation rules.
    Joey is unlikeable because readers cannot relate to him. He’s not realistic and not like them. I, for example, see nothing of myself in him, cannot see myself making the same choices he made, and as such find him unlikeable. He’s also, like I mentioned, a jerk.
    We are, I believe, much older than you, and we have written and experienced stories that are far, far, better. I’d say swearing is not for you, young lady.
    (I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls, but 1) I can’t tell who this is, and 2) so far it’s been amusing, so…)

  32. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 20:27 said:

    Um….okay buddy, you’re confused. You’re not suppose to see yourself in him – He’s a unique character, and he’s nothing like you.

    And if you can’t understand my masterpiece, then you are mentally, a baby. You may be older, but I’m like Maya in the sense that I’m wise beyond my years.

    And I’d like to see some of your works that are so much better than Maradonia. Because many well-credentialed proffesionals have praised my series and have even said they felt “humbled” by it.

    This whole webstie is just proof that only certain people should be aloud to speak freely.

  33. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 20:47 said:

    I knew you’d pull out that argument. I know Joey’s nothing like me, and I’m glad. Even if he’s supposed to be unique, I should be able to empathize with him—which I’m not.
    You obviously know nothing, nothing about writing, Gloria. I laugh at you. You know not even the basic rules of English, and you puff yourself up and call your work a masterpiece.
    If you so care, I have several novels in progress and completed, with characters who are actually sympathetic and interesting. Completely unlike you. Also unlike you, I am not conceited enough to call myself “The World’s Youngest Novelist” and say that I’ve written a masterpiece.
    And like so many other offended people who just can’t take the truth, you also say that freedom of speech should be silenced. Just try and shut us up, just try.

  34. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 20:56 said:

    O yea? Well you guys are using MY story on your site, and so I refuse you permission to use it anymore!

    Joey is an amazing character. I bet your characters are unsure of themselves and other stuff that doesn’t happen in real life.

    I laugh at you, because I got a movie, a theme park, nine books and fame all across the internet and you got nothing but some fantasy novels that wish they could be as inventive and cool as “Maradonia”.

    I bet you’re fantasy stories don’t even have heroes like Maya and Joey that redfine the genre.

  35. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 21:10 said:

    Allow me to quote Rorschach on his article here:
    A Note for Team Tesch: Criticism of your video, your website, your public comments, newsletter, and promotional tactics is protected under Fair Use of U.S. copyright law. I have the legal right to use portions of that video and quotations and screencaps from your websites for the purposes of both critique and parody, and I will use that right. However, if you would like to post any sort of response or rebuttal to my comments, you are welcome to do so. In the interest of fairness, I will publish them, complete and unabridged, alongside my own comments.

    Just replace the “video”, etc. with “book”. ImpishIdea and Rorschach do not claim ownership of your story, they are criticising it while providing the original source material for reference. They can use it.

    People being unsure of themselves doesn’t happen in real life? Have you ever been out of your house, sweetie? You’re feeling unsure of yourself right now, that’s why you’re here and calling us babies!

    Regarding your so-called theme park and fame, Rorschach covered all that in his article that I link to above. You’re delusional.

    I’m not going to brag about my stories, but I can say with complete sincerity that they don’t have heroes. They have something better than heroes: three-dimensional characters and gray protagonists.

  36. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 21:12 said:

    Well I bet the world isn’t as beautiful and amazing as Maradonia. I bet it’s a ripoff of Lord of the Rings.

  37. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 21:19 said:

    Hey Gloria: Go outside and meet humans. It’ll improve your writing.

    I can assure you that a 13-Year Old Boy like Joey would never use the word ‘attributes’ under any circumstances.

    Lrn2make realistic characters, you bimbo.

  38. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 21:22 said:

    I see your replies are getting shorter—getting bored and frustrated, perhaps? Well, fine. It’s getting late where I am anyway.
    No, none of my worlds are a Lord of the Rings rip-off. I don’t need them to be in order to be good.

  39. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 21:24 said:

    Fine. I bet your story is an anime ripoff then.

    And to Costanza, Joey is way too wise for you. You should stick to characters as dumb as your are, like the ‘gray’ ones in dragonarya’s books are.

    Real characters aren’t ‘gray’, some are heroes and some are evil like Abbadon. Just look at the world, that’s how it works.

  40. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 21:40 said:

    The world is not black and white. Take school, for instance. Some subjects you hate, some you like. Put it together and you don’t quite hate it completely, but you don’t like it completely either.
    Characters can be heroes and can be evil, just like people, but they aren’t completely.
    I’m surprised to see you mention anime. I doubt you’re familiar with it, but I can quote many, many characters who are gray and not simple black-and-white if you’re interested. Ryougi Shiki. Kida Masaomi. Fakir. Senjougahara Hitagi. Ciel Phantomhive. None are complete heroes, but not evil either.
    I love anime and respect it too much to rip it off.

  41. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 21:43 said:

    The world “Is” black and white. For example, Iran is a evil nation who hates the United States because we have freedom and they don’t. And the Nazis were pure evil, and the Jews were the heroes of that stories, and the Americans who saved them.

    The beauty of Maradonia is that it shows how simple the world really is.

    And what does your story even have? magic? castles? Dragons? Mine has cooler things like epic characters and massive battles of good and evil.

  42. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 21:48 said:

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh boy. Gloria, please don’t get political on us, you senseless twat.

    Go read about the Shah of Iran and then say that Iran is an ‘evil country’ that hates us for no reason.

    Honestly, stories like yours are contributing to the downfall of the world we live in. This ‘good and evil’ bullshit isn’t realistic, and it’s deluding the masses of the world.

    Your books are not only insulting to the English language, but also to reality. You suck in every way conceivable, and you need to take in a razor-bladed dildo Seven-style.

    ……..Sorry if that was a little graphic.

  43. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 21:49 said:

    If the Nazi were pure evil (which they might have been), why did they have so much support?
    A story doesn’t have to have massive battles of good and evil to be good. In fact, I’m rather tired of the same old ‘saving the world’ story being used over and over, which I think your book is attempting to do.
    (Is this troll being so persistant because I’m feeding it? I’m going to be signing off soon enough, but just wondering…)

  44. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 21:51 said:

    The Nazis were pure evil. Hitler became strong because he wanted to kill jews, and the Germans agreed.

    And to the other one, i know a lot about history. Infact, I use historical strategy sometimes in my books.

  45. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 21:56 said:

    …I wonder if the real Tesch really thinks like this? It could be feasible, seeing as her parents have brainwashed her into thinking she’s talented, they’ve probably also taught her about ‘good and evil’.

    Regardless, Georgie Boy needs to go to bed. And by the way “Tesch”, calling out other authors is not a good plan. At all. Especially with that impressive resume of ‘masterpieces’ you have…

  46. Rorschach on 25 March 2011, 21:58 said:

    Let’s keep this civil, please.

  47. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 21:59 said:

    There were enormous crowds rallying around Hitler’s speeches. He was popular. He might have been a bad person (most people agree killing is bad, yes?), but a lot of people liked him, so he can’t have been completely and utterly hated.
    I’d appreciate it we could leave history and get back on topic. We don’t discuss history here, we discuss literature.
    Constanza, thanks for helping me fight this troll. I’m pretty sure it’s a troll. I’m going to stop feeding it pretty soon, you’re right, it must be her bedtime around now.

  48. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 22:00 said:

    Stop picking on Maradonia!!!!

    And I cant be civil because their calling me out and you people tear apart Joey and Maya on this site, and theyre amazing characters.

    And Nazis are evil, why is this so hard to understand?

  49. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 22:03 said:

    I really hope this actually is Gloria Tesch, because that would just be really funny.

    But it’s most likely a troll, seeing as Gloria is so busy filming her movie that’s asking random people for filming equipment. ‘Seasoned professionals’, indeed.

  50. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 22:04 said:

    We’re not being civil? Oh dear, I’m sorry. I try, unlike some people, to maintain a high caliber of politeness in my conversations… (Don’t know how I come across in text, but I’m not being sarcastic.)

    I’m not saying the Nazis were good. What I’m saying is that people and the world aren’t black and white, but GTesch here picked the worst example for me to work me because the Nazis are universally accepted as bad. I agree that they did bad things, but I’m not going to pass judgement on them because they’re not around anymore and affecting people.

  51. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 22:05 said:

    You said it, Constanza. Nobody knows or cares enough to make a movie from her stuff.

  52. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 22:08 said:

    This Rorschach guy is the most uncivil of all, because he’s a hater on all of my books!

    Maybe if you had taste, you’d understand why Joey and Maya are so awe-inspiring and their journey is just so incredible.

    And Nazis are 100% bad, don’t lie to me. All the German Army was evil, all the German people were evil, and the Japanese too. Theyre are enemies, so we defeated them as such.

    This is symbloic in my story, where perhaps Abbadon represents Hitler and Maya and Joey are the US and Great Britain hhmhmmmmmmmmmnn? Now it sounds pretty smart, right? Of course it deos.

  53. Violet Hill on 25 March 2011, 22:10 said:

    Hi Gloria, I’m Alex

    Above, you mentioned that Maya and Joey are ‘complex characters’, would you mind elaborating on that? Because you keep mentioning that fact, but you haven’t seemed to have backed it up in your story. You may have a tidy 3-D version of them in your mind and just not have conveyed it to paper in the right ways.

    Let’s please keep it toned down, guys. No need to hate.

  54. ZeeZee on 25 March 2011, 22:10 said:

    This is almost certainly not the real Gloria. Please stop feeding the trolls- it’s not so funny once it stops being civil.

  55. moondevourer on 25 March 2011, 22:13 said:

    just noticed the comment explosion

    Arguing with you will be amusing whether you’re actually the queen of morons herself or just a troll, at least. :D

    So! Needless to say, Teschnubbins [My new pet name for you! Bear it proudly :3], that “story” you undoubtedly coughed out from some festering ulcer in your belly was so mind-numbingly retarded, I could feel the residue from your stomach acid eating through my brain cells. Your blatant ripping-off of classic Biblical and mythological concepts drove me absolutely insane and, no doubt, had many historical figures rolling in their graves at your sheer stupidity and lack of creativity. Your advertising tactics are also deceitful and insulting [plenty of gamers actually care about the plotline of what they’re playing and appreciate the written word, so please don’t lump us in with the little brats that play CoD on their daddy’s XBox]. You exhibit very little knowledge of the outside world, humanity or reality through your characters, which worries me and suggests that you’ve been kept in a bubble all your life, shielded from anything that makes normal people learn and grow – including constructive criticism. Hell, you even believe free speech should be restricted, which makes me want to rip you in half. Have you no shame, disregarding the efforts of our ancestors – you know, the ones that fought and died so degenerates like you could run around writing fake novels? Think before you speak, wench. Then again, given the circumstances, thinking was always hard for you, wasn’t it? Considering you certainly didn’t think when you made those horrid comments about Germany and Japan as well.

  56. Violet Hill on 25 March 2011, 22:16 said:

    Hey man, that was a little uncalled for. Not trying to pick a fight or be disrespectful or anything, but let’s not turn into haters here. We have a reason for critiquing, and it isn’t to spread hate.

  57. dragonarya on 25 March 2011, 22:17 said:

    Alright. I quit then. You guys are right, the discussion has digressed and the hate’s building—sorry, it’s just a little difficult to contain the venom, even if it’s not her.
    I’ll also resist the painful urge to rip into this thing for insulting the Japanese (as mentioned above, anime fan) and instead hum Tchaikovsky while I go back to writing.

  58. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 22:17 said:

    …Well, I suppose I’ve been fairly beaten in a battle of wits. You suddenly deciding that your brick can be an abstract metaphor for WWII just makes it brillaint.

    And I apologize if I have not been entirely civil, but a friend of mine had a family member who was badly wounded in Hiroshima and commited suicide shortly afterward, so her spiel irked me quite a bit.

    Plus,whoever this is, it’s pretty funny to watch. :/

  59. Costanza on 25 March 2011, 22:20 said:

    And it seems the troll has left the building, and so will I.

    Having just discovered Impishidea, I find this a very interesting wlecoming, and am looking forward to Part 29 of the Spork.

  60. moondevourer on 25 March 2011, 22:21 said:

    Posted before Violet commented, sorry. Guess I should just ignore whatever it is for now. Probably a troll, I doubt Gloria is intelligent enough to even know those events occurred, given how sheltered she seems to be.

    flees back to WoW

  61. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 22:29 said:

    If you post one more spork of my books, I’ll be pissed off. Stop you’re bullying, stop you’re hate, and respect maradonia for what it is.


  62. Violet Hill on 25 March 2011, 22:32 said:

    Gloria, we’re not trying to disrespect you or Maradonia. This is just something that us Imps do in our spare time—for fun. It isn’t meant to spread hate or anything.

    If you want to have a civil discussion about your book, then feel free.

  63. Curly on 25 March 2011, 22:36 said:

    While your banter humoured me originally, I’d like to point out you’re using up a lot of space and I really don’t have the willpower or attention span to read the whole comments list as it is. Cheers. (And I feel obliged to point out that it’s your, not you’re.)

  64. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 22:40 said:


  65. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 23:00 said:

    I’ll fucking beat all of you…

  66. Gray Falcon on 25 March 2011, 23:40 said:

    On a more intelligent note, while the leaders of the Nazis were no doubt only interested in nationalistic ambition and scapegoating, I strongly suspect most of the German citizens were ordinary people without any real malice, who were taken advantage of by the Nazi party. The economy was terrible, they were recoving from a devestating war, and it was not hard to convince some people, people who genuinely could care for others, that the Jews and Romani (among others) were the tumors responsible for their country’s suffering. And when you can think of fellow humans as nothing more than “things”, that’s when evil can happen. That FDR and Churchill were able to prevent this in their home countries says much about them.

    I keep thinking of the character of Zuko from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” He was essentially a good person fighting for a bad cause, and much of the drama of the third season consisted of him wondering why, if he did everything a good person in his culture was supposed to do, he felt so awful about it.

  67. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 23:48 said:

    Your lying through your teeth. Every german was behind the Holocaust, it was a national thing. the whole German army operated those camps.

    The atomic bomb was a great deed of heroism. I lik to think that Joey could have dropped it. And America was obviously in the right, because those filthy rapist Japs attacked us for no reason. That’s how it always happens – America is innocent, and they hate us because we’re free.

    I want to go to the ruins of Hiroshima in 1945 and laugh in they’re faces. Serves them right.

  68. Inspector Karamazov on 25 March 2011, 23:53 said:

    Guys, you should just stop responding. it’s not worth it. She/he’s just trying to be offensive and get a reaction. Don’t feed trolls and they’ll starve, right?

    I do want to know who this is, though.

  69. Gloria on 25 March 2011, 23:54 said:

    im not starving.

    im Gloria Tesch, and I’m an American Christian.

    More than you can say.

  70. Gloria on 26 March 2011, 00:06 said:

    Alright, I’m done.

    Time to go work on my Oscar-Winning film………. :)

    Haters gonna hate.

  71. Gloria on 26 March 2011, 00:07 said:

    Karamazov? Sounds like a commie name. Watch yourself…….

  72. Licht on 26 March 2011, 00:32 said:

    Ahm… guys..? You didn’t just start a fight with a fake-Gloria, did you?

    No wonder the real GTesch believes we’re nothing but haters.


    By the way, while we’re at it.

    A very short and simple excurse in psychology.

    One of the reasons Hitler’s ideas weren’t questioned as much as they should have been has been a phenomenon called mass-mind. (Really, I have no clue what it’s actually called in English).

    People, no matter how intelligent, change when acting as a mass, a crowd. Their way of acting, feeling, thinking takes on a different form and works on a different level of conscience.
    To keep it simple: they stop questioning, they stop thinking for the most part and most important: They cling to a leader to follow and this leader they follow with all passion and loyalty. (As long as he remains almost god-like. As soon as he’s reduced back to a mere human, he’s hated for just that.) This leader’s ideas and ideals become their own and everyone who disagrees, tries to challenge them or to use logical arguments against them, is an enemy.
    Take religious cults, for example.
    Such a leader needs to know how to handle such a mass and he needs a certain charisma. (Which Napoleon had, which Alexander the Great most likely had, which religious leaders had and have. And sadly, which Hitler had.)
    Such a leader doesn’t even need to be intelligent. He just needs to find the right spot and hit it.

    Another part of this phenomenon are violent outbursts. During such violent and brutal actions people still feel and believe they’re doing the absolutely right thing. Even if a few moments ago, they would never have been able to commit such crimes and never thought of it. And even, if they, before and after that, they clearly despise violence and are smart and caring people with a normal everyday life; In such a moment they believe they’re doing the right thing, even that their actions are those of heroes – because everybody else does and agrees (even if the latter is just out of fear to be attacked themselves). In the heat of the moment they’re even celebrated for doing the most awful things.
    Something like this isn’t unique to NS Germany. It happened during the French Revolution, as well, for example.
    It’s part of the human psychology (and way more complicated than I described). But as a result it can happen anywhere and to anyone.

    Another reason was that economy at that time happend to be in a really bad state. People had to struggle very hard to earn their daily bread – if they had a job.
    That’s why the ideas of National Socialism spread so well.
    They were promised everything would change. Hitler promised them, as simple as that, a better life. He gave them reasons as why their momentary one wasn’t as good and he showed them ways to change it.
    Taking such, we can say now, stupid promises and lies for the truth without questioning is another part of the mass-mind. Complicated details evidences and explanations, if directed to people who have become a mass, don’t work. Direct, short, precise statements that are powerful and hit the right spot do.
    If they’re repeated often enough and from various sides, and/or from “experts” or people we think credible, people start to take them as the truth.

    Think of Hitler. You’re thinking of the symbols, the wild gestures, the screaming and all that, right? Abstract things do not work for the masses. Pictures and powerful scenes do. This way people are swept away and this way people are encouraged and set on fire – even if it’s for the cause of something incredible stupid that wouldn’t hold a second against simple logic.

    Doesn’t matter how intelligent the individual is, as part of a mass they’re not.

    People, whatever they do, are neither good nor evil. They’re just that: human.

  73. Licht on 26 March 2011, 00:34 said:

    Holy shit! I’m sorry! This was supposed to be a short comment!

  74. Sahgo on 26 March 2011, 00:54 said:

    Food for thought — “Gloria“s email,… if you google it, you’ll find a trollish looking review of The Sound of Music in ALL CAPS. The person who wrote the review credits himself as “AlexB”.


  75. Curly on 26 March 2011, 01:14 said:

    One question: How did this page on the intricacies of Tesch’s writing become a hate fest/discussion on the horrors of World War II? Just curious, and my brain can’t take searching through all the trolling to figure it out. And nice, Sahgo, but if you look at ‘her’ earlier posts on other pages, the email is different and weird. Might want to look into that. I’m just not up to it today.

  76. Curly on 26 March 2011, 01:22 said:

    Sorry mate, your article has become a battlefield. Please feel free to remove bloated corpses at your leisure.

  77. Minoan Ferret on 26 March 2011, 06:35 said:

    Did I just see a real life example of Godwin’s Law unfold? All this bickering is going to drive Rorscach to drink. More, anyway.

  78. Curly on 26 March 2011, 07:02 said:

    Troll, in the dungeon! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! Thought you ought to know.

  79. Gray Falcon on 26 March 2011, 08:23 said:

    I apologize for entering the battle, my desire to show off exceeded my common sense. Sorry,

  80. Violet Hill on 26 March 2011, 09:25 said:

    “ The person who wrote the review credits himself as “AlexB”. “ (Sahgo)

    O_o my name is Alex B. . . Oh great

    Sorry, haven’t quite figured out how to use quotes . . . and Curly, that HP quote is made of win :P

  81. peppercake on 26 March 2011, 09:37 said:

    Wow that discussion really went off track. I’m going to try and be civil and say that the more the real/fake Gloria Tesch attempts to defend her book the more uneducated, sheltered and offensive she sounds. Seriously, painting a whole country like Japan as evil is jut silly and just discounts thousands of years of culture for one event. Oh and as much as America’s done good things, they’ve done godawful things as well (i hope thats not offensive)like what they did to the native americans (yeah i include the english and other europeans in this as well) and to black people. So Gloria, in no way are Americans paradigms of innocence.

    I think i should show my part japanese friend Gloria’s comments and see if she realised she’s actually EVIL.
  82. Snow White Queen on 26 March 2011, 11:40 said:

    Obviously a troll. Obviously a troll. Guys, let it go. XP

  83. Costanza on 26 March 2011, 11:40 said:

    Jesus Christ…may name is also Alex B.!


  84. Violet Hill on 26 March 2011, 11:47 said:


    . . .


  85. Costanza on 26 March 2011, 11:51 said:

    The troll seems to have infiltrated a very common first name and last initial, and it was fed…well.

    Hopefully it won’t return.

  86. dragonarya on 26 March 2011, 11:55 said:

    Oh geez. I come back the next morning and find this still going on…
    I apologize for feeding the troll. I didn’t think it would be so persistent, and to be honest I thought it would be amusing but now with the invoking of Godwin’s Law and such it’s gotten ridiculous. I’m sorry for creating such a storm on your article, Rorschach, and on ImpishIdea. (This being probably my first experience with trolls, I’ll remember it.)

  87. SlyShy on 26 March 2011, 15:41 said:

    This “Gloria” is a troll. Gloria Tesch lives in Florida, but this IP address is located in Wayland, New York. Even Gloria Tesch wouldn’t act so unbelievably. This troll is a worse writer than Tesch.

  88. Costanza on 26 March 2011, 16:49 said:

    That’s funny, the troll lives near me. And though the ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ confusion was horrific, I think the greatest offense was their pitiful defense of Maya and Joey, two of the most unrealistic, undeveloped, poorly concieved, Mary Sue, contrived characters ever devised.

  89. Violet Hill on 26 March 2011, 17:05 said:

    Phew . . . neither of them live anywhere near me then. :P

    And yeah, Maya and Joey (along with Maradonia’s entire cast) are just a tad bit unbelievable.

  90. Curly on 26 March 2011, 19:35 said:

    SlyShy, how do you know these things?!
    …I’m ascared

  91. SlyShy on 26 March 2011, 19:56 said:

    That’s pretty basic internet sleuthing. Quite a lot of people would be capable of it.

  92. Curly on 26 March 2011, 20:05 said:

    Aha, so you’re a SlySleuth…
    Polite Applause

  93. The Cat on 26 March 2011, 21:42 said:


  94. Curly on 27 March 2011, 02:27 said:

    Thank you, thank you, my fellow Cat, I’ve always considered myself quite the comedian. Brain Bleach, anyone? And I’ve been thinking, who draws the chapter pictures anyway? Is it Tesch? Please tell me it’s not Tesch. Her head’s inflated enough as it is without her thinking she’s the next Michaelangelo. Wow, imagine her just floating away with her massive, helium filled head, getting smaller and smaller like on of those balloons until she disappears. Sweet.

  95. Quilloasa on 27 March 2011, 02:59 said:

    @ Curly: I think it’s her mother. Amazon credits one Marina Terkulova Tesch as illustrator.

    Normally, this is the site I come to to restore my faith in humanity…

    How much more of this garbage is there? (the book, I mean. The sporks are concentrated awesome.)

  96. Licht on 27 March 2011, 03:40 said:

    If her writing wasn’t that bad I could become a little envious, you know? Of all you can say against Team Tesch, they’re working together as a family.

  97. Curly on 27 March 2011, 03:44 said:

    Awww… now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Careful Licht, don’t eclipse the hate. HATE MAKES US POWERFUL LIKE IN STAR WARS. On a completely unrelated note, how do you quote stuff with the yellowy bar around it. It’s buggin’ me.

  98. fffan on 27 March 2011, 07:42 said:

    @ Curly: Aww you missed the really obvious pun there: SlySpy.
    And you get the yellow quoty stuff by typing
    (paragraph break)bq. (space included) before the text.

  99. Curly on 27 March 2011, 07:49 said:

    And you get the yellow quoty stuff by typing
    (paragraph break)bq. (space included) before the text.

    YES! Thanks.

    Aww you missed the really obvious pun there: SlySpy

    Of course! Now I’m going to feel like an idiot for the rest of the day.

  100. Curly on 27 March 2011, 07:51 said:

    And while I’m here:
    Ahem 100th COMMENT!!!!! YEAH!!

  101. LoneWolf on 27 March 2011, 12:17 said:

    Fake!Gloria was quite good at making impression of real Gloria at first, but then went off the rails when she started parodying the American Right.

  102. Sahgo on 27 March 2011, 13:27 said:

    You guys are forgetting that Gloria is a master of sockpuppetry. She wouldn’t post under her own name; she would post as “Amanda, Maradonias ‘Number one Fan’” or something similar.

  103. Costanza on 27 March 2011, 13:55 said:

    Very true, yes. Although it would more likely be something like:

    Richard C., Doctor


    Jill R., Psychologist

    On her website, she always tags the fake names with high-salary, distinguished jobs.

  104. The Cat on 27 March 2011, 18:30 said:

    Well, if you’re going to make a sockpuppet account, might as well make a distinguished one, right?

  105. ZeeZee on 27 March 2011, 18:34 said:

    Well, if you’re going to make a sockpuppet account, might as well make a distinguished one, right?


  106. Costanza on 27 March 2011, 19:58 said:

    The funny thing is that they make her look even less credible.

    There’s no way that anybody old enough to read has anything but hatred for her ‘books’, much less anybody old enough to graduate medical school.

  107. Senor_Alvarez on 27 March 2011, 22:38 said:

    In all fairness, we can’t really say that we’re not spreading Tesch-hate on this website.

    I mean, with the whole article about Tesch’s marketing? That has nothing to do with writing. It’s all about Tesch and her looking like an asshole.

    And during one spork, I believe that Rorschach said: “Fuck you, Gloria Tesch” and in another: “You are a horrible and untalented writer”.

    Is this wrong? No. These things are completely true and need to be said. We should just be honest about our intentions – And those are to prove that Gloria Tesch is an arrogant moron and has no talent (:

  108. Licht on 28 March 2011, 11:36 said:

    You can prove that someone is an arrogant moron and has no talent without crossing a certain line.
    Even criticism has something to do with respect. But it’s a respect for one another. Gtesch shows no respect towards her critics, which makes them, I agree, go too far every once in a while. Something I, personally, regret.

    Anyway, her questionable marketing tactics have something to do with her writing, with her book, with her as an author. Therefore it’s something we can discuss.

  109. Senor_Alvarez on 28 March 2011, 11:45 said:

    I suppose so.

    Although I still do believe that “Fuck you, Gloria Tesch” contains not an ounce of respect.

    Does she deserve respect though? No. She deserves to be shown the reality of her stories and how bad they truly are, as done by the sporking.

    And pretty much everybody who isn’t her, her family, or little clique of man-children adults who find any merit in her stories, is a critic of her crappy work.

  110. Prince o' Tea on 28 March 2011, 15:29 said:

    I’m wondering, does anyone else think Joey is a potential serial killer, or at the very least a sociopath? You know what they say, that boy “just ain’t right!”

    I mean we all knew he was a bullying little shit from the way he treated his human dishcloth of a sister, as well as his completely rude and aggressive personality. But then it gets darker.

    First when a snake says “You can’t go this way” his instant response is to brutally decapitate the unfortunate creature. And when he gets an insanely powerful weapon, his first instinct is to use it to incinerate some forest animals for shits and giggles (which as others have pointed out, is pretty horrible behaviour, even before you realize even grasshoppers and toads in this world are sentinent).

    and lastly, yeah dude. And I will sleep with it.

  111. Licht on 29 March 2011, 02:36 said:

    Not an ounce, that’s right. But “Fuck you, Gloria Tesch” in this case isn’t a fact or statement about her as a person. It’s rather an emotional and authentic outburst of frustration. Which is, theoretically, allowed, taking into account that we’re far from being offical critics (You know, those who write for newspapers and magazines and stuff). We’re readers, and an emotional reaction to her writing is therefore the best she can get from us.
    (Suggesting that, if she wrote something great it would be mentioned as well).
    Mostly, because official critics wouldn’t touch that point as a matter of credibility and subjectivity. However, a writer needs to know how readers and outside observers who aren’t involved in the project itself and who aren’t influenced by, for example, being closely related to him, view and react to his work.
    Yes, writers, authors, need to be thick-skinned. But drawing conclusions from those, sometimes unpleasant, reactions is the best way to learn and to develop their writing.

    I won’t excuse all attacks that were aimed in her direction, especially the personal ones. (As a matter of fact there have been entries on Anti-Shurtugal deleted for not having enough to do with her writing, rather than with her as a private person.)
    But some of those attacks are, indeed, justivied and necessary. As I said, as long as they don’t cross a certain line.

  112. Senor_Alvarez on 29 March 2011, 15:17 said:

    That sounds about right.

    And as bad as her books are, if she was concerned about improving them and becoming a great author, I would have all the respect in the world for her.

    But the fact that she calls herself a ‘master story teller’ and is essentially the most deluded person on the internet….

    She’s incredibly aggravating. Oh well, I find solace in the fact that she isn’t a famous writer, nor will she ever be.

  113. The Drunk Fox on 29 March 2011, 16:11 said:

    Joey tells Genarius that he should be very happy because he just had a majestic weeding party. I think you mean “wedding” party, Tesch. A weeding party does not sound very fun at all.

    Well, they already had a cake and all…

  114. Curly on 16 April 2011, 07:33 said:

    ^ Hehem it’s funny because it says weeding instead of wedding. Stupid cake people.

  115. A Nonny Mouse on 13 April 2022, 23:44 said:

    “Joey tells Genarius that he should be very happy because he just had a majestic weeding party. I think you mean “wedding” party, Tesch. A weeding party does not sound very fun at all.”

    I actually work on a farm and we have weeding parties all the time. :D They’re a blast.
    Thanks for the spork, peoples, I’m only about 11 years late.

  116. Mudkip Fan on 22 December 2022, 15:57 said:

    If all German people are evil, what about your dad? What about you? Are you half evil? And why did you use German words like “Tarnkappe” and “Schwarzpulver”?