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  1. DrAlligator on 30 December 2008, 10:06 said:

    I love it. <3

    We need more Kittyart!

  2. LucyWannabe on 30 December 2008, 10:11 said:


  3. SlyShy on 30 December 2008, 12:41 said:

    Heheheheh. Thank you for that.

  4. Lord Snow on 30 December 2008, 12:44 said:

    XD Nice.

  5. MegaB on 30 December 2008, 12:46 said:

    That’s just totally sick! You ruined my image of Capri-Sun forever!

    Hmm, what WOULD vampires do with straws?

  6. Kitty on 30 December 2008, 13:01 said:


  7. SlyShy on 30 December 2008, 13:18 said:

    He needs a straw because he isn’t allowed to have fangs. Yay.

  8. Snow White Queen on 30 December 2008, 14:05 said:

    Oh god. Kitty, you are AMAZING!

  9. Hedwig Widrig on 30 December 2008, 14:23 said:

    I am sooo glad I don’t drink Capri Sun. Kitty, you are brilliant!

  10. SubStandardDeviation on 30 December 2008, 14:46 said:

    Haha, because they don’t have fangs, right? Your pictures are always hilarious.

    runs off to drink a Capri Sun

  11. Zahano on 30 December 2008, 16:12 said:

    Cute. You did a great job, particularly with the CapriSun juice pouch.

  12. Spanman on 30 December 2008, 16:14 said:

    Awesome, Kitty. XD

  13. Kevin on 30 December 2008, 16:20 said:

    That’s just too much awesome. I hope you’re making a book of these.

  14. Ty on 30 December 2008, 16:37 said:

    PLEASE make a book! Firstly, this is far too awesome not to be made into a book. Secondly, I could give the book to my Twilight-obsessed younger sister and best friend, potentially ridding them of their Edward-love and giving them a good sense of humor. Thirdly…someone else can come up with the thirdly. I have to go frame this drawing and put it on my wall.

  15. Snow White Queen on 30 December 2008, 17:21 said:

    Yes, a book would be great!

  16. Apep on 30 December 2008, 17:31 said:

    You just made my frakin’ day.

  17. Imp on 30 December 2008, 17:39 said:

    Well, that was win.

  18. Addie on 30 December 2008, 17:50 said:

    Kitty has a fandom of her own! ;) Me included. Pure win.

  19. Gildor on 30 December 2008, 18:46 said:

    First instinct was to rub my neck when I saw this.

    Second was laughing, Pure gold!

  20. Mr. Wednesday on 30 December 2008, 20:38 said:

    XD That was great.

  21. Rand on 31 December 2008, 14:50 said:

    Haha, great Bella face.

  22. Lewer95 on 22 January 2009, 04:26 said:

    Awesomeness has a name. Kitty

  23. fffan on 8 February 2010, 02:16 said:

    oh. i’ll never be able to drink capri sun again without thinking about this picture and laughing so hard i spray juice everywhere. good work though

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