Welcome to my two day report! If you don’t frequent the forum then you might not know that I made an ImpishIdea t-shirt for going to the London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court last weekend (18th – 19th July). http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com

A lot of Twilight guests were going: Alex Meraz (Paul, werewolf, New Moon), Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen).

My t-shirt had the lovely slogan courtesy of SlyShy: “Twilight: Who needs a personality when you can sparkle?”
And on the back: “ImpishIdea.com Sometimes your story needs an edit. With a chainsaw.”

I’m a semi-veteran of these events, I must admit, been doing them since 2004, but finally, after so long, I felt excited about going again. So with my nice provocative clothing arriving just in time (long story), I set off Friday morning for Earls Court! London!

Part I

Well, I’m at LFCC. Currently I have abandoned my friends and sat down for an invigorating cup of tea. (Earl Grey. Hot.)1

How has it been thus far? Well, in the queue coming in I got, maybe, three dirty looks.

Especially from this one group of girls who I heard read out the slogan. Heh.

The sheer highlight thus far has to be a girl asking where I got my t-shirt. I MADE IT. So impromptu hugs for meeting my first fellow anti-Twilighter.

Although my best act has been to walk the entire length of the queue for the Twilight talk. I got looks. And then I turned around and walked back the opposite way to show the back of my t-shirt. YEAH. The scowls and clockwork ticking as they realised it wasn’t a compliment were all kinds of funny.

My mission, and want, is to get a picture with the Twilight cast. But I don’t want to fork out money, my friend is a PAing with Justin Chon, maybe I’ll hang around at the very end of the show, just as he’s leaving for the day and ask oh-so-casually.

Heh, yay, my awesome friend SAH

here she is.

Oh and this is us at Pizza Hut last night. LOOK AT THOSE PIZZAS. I didn’t want to go, but it was cheaper than the Mexican, dang democracy.

And here is Parliament! Aw, I feel like Nathaniel whenever I look at those buildings. :3

…is crewing. However, she has been asked by her friend to get some autographs for him. But, because she is crewing, she can’t take that much time out, so I’ve offered. Hurrah for meeting guests for free!

And in case you’re wondering, some of these photos have a ghostly air to them. This is what happens when I visit the Land of the Living.

I started off with a visit to Alexandra Moen (the Master’s wife from Doctor Who).

Aww, she’s so pretty and nice. Incidentally, I asked if she would be returning to Doctor Who and she said MAYBE in that way that means YES. :D

I then went next door and paid Danny John Jules a visit, as energetic and friendly as ever. He’s been to these events so many times, but he never disappoints

Isn’t he lovely?

Next was Hattie Hayridge, Holly from Red Dwarf.

She was a delightful woman. I brushed over the fact I can’t remember much of Red Dwarf.

Paul Couvela, the animator for Bob the Builder, Pingu, Chuggington, and Life On Mars. Awesome guy. So talented.

Look! Wee Sam Tyler. ^^

I don’t know if many people have seen the url, it’s actually hard to tell.

Jake Lloyd has, well, despite having a permanent frown, did give my t-shirt a weird look and I had to explain. It could, though, be because the guy in front of me asked him if he would go back to Star Wars. His reply “I have no reason to…” was awkward at best. Oh, poor Jake Lloyd. Famed for one film that wasn’t terribly good. But don’t worry folks! I talked about alcohol to him, guaranteed to make any student jock grin.

Man, he looks so much like—I was going to say a friend from Uni, but then I remembered who could be his brother. An old friend from the Anti-Shurtugal days: TANAKA. :D

It’s actually surprising how many of my friends like Twilight, and they haven’t disowned me! Yay!

Oh, I don’t know, maybe I should have had a more provocative slogan? TWILIGHT: stalkers, paedophiles and sparkles.


Part II

Another anti-Twilighter! Her t-shirt:

“…and then Buffy staked Edward. The End.”


Part III

And another! Same slogan.

Part IV

Ah, finally it is over for the day! Sort of. I succeeded in getting a photo with Justin and Alex, thanks to some awesome bullying and peer pressure of my Twi-fan friend LAURA, known as MAJOR KENNEDY. PROPS YO.

Say hello to PKTechGirl! Dressed as Vala—she is a great cosplayer.

Incidentally, Justin Chon is the nicest guy I have ever met. He was just so terribly friendly, and his smile is absolutely gorgeous it makes me melt. I am thankful to Twilight for one thing: him.

Aw, look at Alex Meraz, so smexy. :3 He was also lovely— quieter, but lovely.

Neither commented on the t-shirt, whether they had time to read it or not, but I’m actually kind of relieved! That would have been awkward. Hoping to see Peter Facinelli tomorrow, he wasn’t here today “because of a passport issue”, how delightfully sinister.2

Currently waiting for my friend to officially finish crewing. Her guest, Jewel Staite, has buggered off for the day (she keeps disappearing…) but she can’t leave until the end. Bah.

Is it Scott Bak-u-la, or Scott Ba-koo-la? The former is better, because it rhymes with Dracula. But the latter is cool-a.

I think my friend is talking to Jewel’s husband, I’d go ask otherwise, Scott is right next door.

Best Things Overheard Today:

- “Get your lightsaber out of my neck.”

- “Don’t do that in England, you’ll get arrested.”

- “I’m not a racist, BUT.”


- “Something’s wrong with this bacon, it’s taking too long to cook. I’m throwing it away.”


1 That guy that cosplays as Picard is here again. He looks JUST ENOUGH like Patrick Stewart to make me go “HUH?!”, and then, realisation DAMMIT.

2 Turns out he left his passport at home. XD


You can now read Sunday’s Report here

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  1. Puppet on 21 July 2009, 19:35 said:

    You are so weird. :D

  2. RikkiTikkiTavi on 21 July 2009, 19:39 said:

    Jeni, you look amazing, as usual. And II needs to get those t-shirts churning out so I can get a few million before I head off to Uni. XD

  3. Jeni on 21 July 2009, 20:22 said:

    You are so weird. :D

    You love it really.

    And II needs to get those t-shirts churning out so I can get a few million before I head off to Uni. XD

    Well, I got the expensive kind because I left it too late, but I’m sure Sly could get some cheaper. :3

  4. Virgil on 21 July 2009, 20:26 said:

    You need a better camera.. this thing is almost always in every one of your pics. :D

  5. Spanman on 21 July 2009, 20:31 said:

    Jeni, you’re incredibly stunning.

    YES! The moment I saw your picture with Jake Lloyd I thought TANAKA! Aww.

    I’m so jealous. ^^

  6. RomanticVampireLover on 21 July 2009, 22:03 said:

    You look like you’re having so much fun… Jealousy ^^ ;P Thanks for the pics! Enjoy!

  7. Nadia Tal on 21 July 2009, 22:40 said:

    Your PhotoShopping needs some work. You can see part of your face in the first picture with SAH.

    Will the shirt you made be available for purchase?

  8. Jeni on 22 July 2009, 04:39 said:

    Your PhotoShopping needs some work. You can see part of your face in the first picture with SAH

    You can see part of my face in a lot of pictures. I wasn’t exactly going for a unable-to-tell finish. :P

    Will the shirt you made be available for purchase?

    Sly’s still at camp, so I doubt anything will be done until he gets back. But hopefully, it sounds like people are genuinely interested.

  9. Puppet on 22 July 2009, 11:09 said:

    I want one. D:

  10. Elanor on 27 July 2009, 12:56 said:


    Looky! Spoilers!

    You were right! 8D

  11. Steph the one who sucketh at lurking well. eth. on 1 August 2009, 05:36 said:

    Hey, Jeni! I love that photo of Parliament buildings.(And best part was, I actually got the reference! I love getting references!) Do you have a link to a larger shot, perchance?

  12. swenson on 2 August 2009, 22:29 said:

    screams fangirlishly


    Oh, and the pictures and article were nice, I suppose. ;)

  13. Puppet on 5 August 2009, 10:02 said:

    Start a newspaper. Now.

  14. Steph the one who sucketh at lurking well. eth. on 5 August 2009, 20:08 said:

    Lol @ swenson.