So, long time no news. Some of you may have noticed the considerable lack of article posting that happened pretty recently. You may have noticed it even more if your articles were some of the ones not being posted during that time, and I greatly apologize for that. What happened during that time was basically all of the currently active editors (myself included) got super busy all at once, so there were, for all intents and purposes, no currently active editors. Yeah…

But we seem to have gotten back on top of things lately. If you have an article currently languishing in the submission email, do not fret. Your contribution will be read and returned to you (with comments!) eventually. Hopefully fairly soon. Apologies for the current lack of email response. We are also working on enslaving recruiting new editors, so that should speed up things like email response time.

Important Note: ImpishIdea turned 5 last month (September 11), and we totally forgot to do the annual birthday post. Oops. Told you we were busy. So, happy belated birthday, ImpishIdea! Have a cake:

Also, I made a couple of new info posts. One is about article posting guidelines which includes stuff about selecting categories, tagging articles, and a bunch of other stuff about using Textpattern (our article-posting program).

There’s also a new info post on article posting etiquette, which is basically just about when to post articles and includes some more technical stuff you can do in Textpattern.

Hopefully, I can update the news a bit more frequently and get back into what Kyllorac originally wanted to do with the news section, which was highlight some of our older articles.


  1. gclub on 23 March 2017, 03:22 said:

    keep on blogging, thanks for this post. so are you still updating your blog?