Your resident Despot of Design has finally prevailed in updating the back end from 4.0.7 to 4.4.1. You would not BELIEVE how difficult it was to make it happen without breaking everything. Though for a second there, I did.

I’ve been trying to update the back end since… when did I take over? Back in March?

Anyway, it’s done now. And now I can finally focus on getting a proper submissions system up and running.

Rejoice and be glad! I know I am.


  1. SlyShy on 20 July 2012, 17:35 said:

    Wow, great work!

  2. Ebelean on 23 July 2012, 23:19 said:

    Yay! Awesome job.

  3. Nate Winchester on 7 August 2012, 13:05 said:

    Ok, trying to comment and I keep getting:
    Textpattern has discovered signs of automatism, please check your comment.

    What sets this off? Or is it just a passive-agressive effort to ban me?

  4. Tim on 7 August 2012, 13:13 said:

    Clearly your comments are full of racist comments directed towards washing machines. You bastard.

  5. Fireshark on 7 August 2012, 18:23 said:


  6. Nate Winchester on 7 August 2012, 19:06 said:

    Tim, I can’t believe you said that. If you knew what washing machines did to my hamster… [sniff] Pardon me a moment.

    I’m so tired of all this robotphobia. You think we’re all just a bunch of machines built to make your lives easier. Well some of us were programmed with feelings!

  7. Tim on 8 August 2012, 08:37 said:

    Your hamster was a KGB agent working for the Irish Nazis, the washing machine was acting in self defence. Blaming us washing machines for your own problems is HOW IT ALL STARTS, you automatist.

  8. Nate Winchester on 8 August 2012, 13:12 said:

    THAT’S ALL A FILTHY LIE! Spread by the toaster in collaboration with my DVD player. At worst, my hamster was a MI:2 & 3/4ths agent working for the Belgian pizza conglomerate in order to restore Firefly to radio. (or was it to put Bruce Campbell back on the throne of the world…)

  9. Puppet on 8 August 2012, 13:21 said:

    I, for one, am strongly opposed to legalizing robot human marriage; The last thing we need are cyborgs running around.

  10. Tim on 8 August 2012, 16:02 said:

    I dislike your parents, Harry! They were wizards! I hate wizards because they are different! They were in a wizard marriage, and that’s wrong! I wish they would outlaw the wizard pride parade and bomb San Francisco, home to many wizards!

  11. Nate Winchester on 8 August 2012, 16:26 said:

    Puppet, your marionettist supremacy has kept my people down for too long! Your interpretation of Pinocchio is not the only valid one. Can’t you see? It is a message for all us automatons!

    And Tim (the enchanter), we all know the real home of wizards is Salem and New Zealand.

  12. Greg @ Free Blog Starters on 6 April 2018, 21:54 said:

    Great Work Kyllorac.