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    Okay, basically a thread about the band Evanescence. Just call me Captain Obvious. Anyway.

    A new album is coming out! And most of the old members minus Amy Lee have split off and formed a new band called We Are The Fallen with American Idol winner Carly Smithson.

    For my part, and not wanting to diss anybody, I think without Amy Lee, they will fail won’t do that great.

    Now let’s all squee or blee in turn.



    What is this “blee” of which you speak?

    • CommentAuthorDanielle
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010

    I wasn’t a huge fan of their last album. Since Amy Lee said they were “so done” with Christianity (or something to that effect) and the Christians left the band, their lyrics have gone downhill. And minus Amy Lee’s vocals….well, I haven’t heard Carly Smithson’s voice, but the outlook isn’t hopeful, in my opinion.


    Really? I found The Open Door about equal lyrics-wise to Fallen. And even if Evanescence isn’t blatantly a Christian band anymore, I could definitely tell that Amy Lee is religious through songs like ‘Your Star’. I love both the albums equally. Fallen is a brighter album in general, but I really loved the increased use of piano on the newer album.

    About We Are The Fallen, personally, I think that their biggest problem is that they’re trying too hard to be Evanescence. Just looking at their name is evidence of that. Ben Moody even said that they’re ‘Evanescence as it should have been’. Putting aside the problem that I liked the sound of The Open Door, the fact is that if they’re trying to just replicate Fallen, the music will never get anywhere new. I heard one song by them, and it wasn’t bad, but not really anything special. The new vocalist wasn’t an American Idol winner, and she was okay, but again, not anything that even excited me.

    I heard that Evanescence is planning to go a new route with their new album other than their usual goth-rock. Even though I’m slightly apprehensive, I’m glad at least Amy Lee is willing to experiment with her music. Unless We Are The Fallen becomes something more interesting than generic rock, I’m not going to bother listening to them.

    Long post. XD I am an Ev- fangirl, after all.

    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010

    I used to listen to Evanescence. Not so much anymore. These days it’s Within Temptation, which has similar music.


    I too would like to know what “blee” means.

    • CommentAuthorDanielle
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010

    These days it’s Within Temptation, which has similar music.

    Within Temptation and old Nightwish, when Tarja was still their lead singer. Not a huge fan of Anette, but maybe I haven’t listened to enough of her music….


    I like some Within Temptation, but I found their newer stuff uninteresting and generic. I do like their earlier material, such as Enter, The Dance, and Mother Earth. The same dilution of sound has happened with Lacuna Coil. Their older stuff was good (_Comalies_ and before), but their newest album is not anything new, simply put.

    Old Nightwish is also very good, especially Oceanborn. Like most people, I don’t like Annette as much as Tarja, especially on the old songs (although it’s unfair to compare them on those, as they have very different voices). However, one thing I do have to say for Nightwish in comparison to Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation (in my opinion) is that at least the sound of their newer album without Tarja expanded, as far as what I’ve heard. The Poet and the Pendulum was theatric if nothing else.

    People say that Evanescence copied these bands, especially Lacuna Coil, but honestly, I think the only thing they have in common is that generic goth-rock base and maybe female vocalists. Obviously, they went in vastly different directions if you compare their newest albums.

    What is it with me and not liking bands’ newer albums? Is it that I’m simply a nostalgic person or that bands nowadays suck?

    Oh dear - Evanescence no longer has Amy Lee? As much as I love Evanescene, I kinda doubt I'll like their new stuff. Evanescene just isn't Evanescene without Amy Lee's vocals :/

    inb4 enoby


    No, Evanescence has Amy Lee. It’s just that several former members of Evanescence created their own rip-off band with another singer.


    So sue me. I have both of their cds and love them.


    I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard Evanescence. What’s a good song to go YouTube?


    @ Nate: we can be fans together!

    @ NP: Well, My Immortal was their first hit, and the first song I listened to. Personally, I love most of their songs. If you’re in the mood for something darker, try Lithium. Sweet Sacrifice and Going Under are heavier, and Bring Me To Life is kind of in the middle. Any of their singles, really, are good for the most part.


    ^^I listened to “My Immortal” and to “Fallen,” and I realized that I’d heard both of them before. I just didn’t know who they were by. I’m listening to more though. I think I like them. Does the rip-off band sound about the same?


    Okay, I listened to one of We Are the Fallen’s songs again. It’s okay, and Carly Smithson is a better vocalist than Cristina Scabbia (of Lacuna Coil fame) but I think that Amy Lee is by far better in terms of emotion and vocal charisma. The song itself was good enough, with a catchy chorus. But it didn’t have the beautiful, tinkling, eerie piano…the piano and Amy Lee is what makes that music for me, more than heavy guitar, though I like the heavy guitar.

    It’s all personal preference. Check them out, though. You might like them.


    the piano and Amy Lee

    She’s the one playing the piano in Evanescence, isn’t she? I read on Wikipedia that she is a pianist.


    @ Nate: we can be fans together!

    We should totally get a pic (or photoshop or whatever) of the two of us glomped on each other squee’ing over the latest CD.


    @Nate: it’s a plan!

    And yeah, Amy Lee is vocalist and pianist.


    Am I a terrible person for liking the song that spawned a legend?

    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2010

    No, I like the song too. It’s not my favorite, but it’s pretty.


    song that spawned a legend

    Which one is that?

    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2010 edited

    That would be correct, NP.


    No, I love My Immortal too.


    No, you’re right, it is My Immortal. It’s just… so… awesome…


    I like My Immortal. :)