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    Okay, so I’ve been looking at writing contest, and a lot of them require that you write “a short bio” to include with your entry. I’m not really sure how to go about this. I’ve looked at other ones, and it’s basically a list of accomplishments and other things they’ve published. The most I’ve published are poems in those children’s anthologies where they let you in as long as you aren’t completely horrible. So, I was wondering, have any of you ever written a bio for yourself? What kind of stuff should be included? This isn’t meant to be just for me, but more of a general reference thread for this sort of thing.

    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010

    usually I’d include a short history, a list of hobbies, and why/when/where I write.

    by way of “[Name] grew up in quite [suburb], where he attended [school]. When he’s not writing, he enjoys [hobby] and [hobby], which help him to [reason for hobby]. [Name] also writes poetry, short stories, articles and reviews. He gets his story ideas from conversations with his [quirky pet/stuffed toy/plant/other personified item], and by [other method for story ideas].”

    That’s the sort of short bio I’d consider, but it might be a bit too short for writing contests. Usually tyhe contest will include some kind of wordcount for the bios, like “a short biography (50 words or less)”. Many writers try to be a little quirky or memorable about it (One famous author’s ahort bio includes “He doesn’t have a life of his own, because it feels like he’s living about 20”, or something like that).


    That’s actually about the right length. The one that I’m considering says four lines. I’ve read that a lot want around fifty words though.