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    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2010

    The wings have fully sprouted again, and her self-imposed imprisonment clings to her soul like the layers of grime that coat the wall behind her. She tries to let her mind wander, since her body cannot. So many of them, thinking about how wonderful it would be to fly. The simple irony of the girl with the feature everyone wants, but she hates, brings familiar hot tears to her eyes. She lets herself grimace as the tears start to fall from her eyes; tears caused more by the fact that she still allows herself to feel pain than the pain itself.



    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2010

    Thanks :D


    The abandoned warehouse seemed to go on forever. Saw dust covered the cracked and decaying floor. The graffiti was almost a welcome decoration in this desolate place.



    The rapids stirred below as I stood on the precipice. The beauty was overpowering, but the anger of the waves was also terrifying. I held out my arms, letting the wind rustle my clothes. I took one last look at the forest around me and dove in.


    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2010
    Corneal tattooing gone terribly wrong?

    And for the more mundane…


    Marquis always comes up with the weirdest pictures.

    Um, as the first one defies descriptions, I will attempt the second.

    The night is made of ultra-bright colors, the kind that were in fashion last year, and I squint in the glaring light of them. Even Big Ben is gaudy in neon.

    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited

    London was full of bright colors glowing in the dark night. The roads were a stream of white and red as cars went this way and that, across the river, down the streets. Lights shown from windows throughout the city, even late at night London was still awake. Big Ben glowed a bright yellow, towering over the city. The Parliament buildings, old and powerful, giving a sense of order among all the chaos and excitement.
    But what caught my eye the most was the London Eye, it glowed an brilliant purple, lighting up the river below and the sky above, a symbol. I looked all around the London Eye, almost expecting to see a TARDIS, Rose and The Doctor. It was a magical and electric city, full of energy and endless possibilities.


    It was too late to ask Collin if he would go first. I was just about to tell him that bucket list or not, I wouldn’t do it.

    But I was falling, and expletives and curses no-one would hear shot out of my lips. My eyes burned. The wind cut into my face. I was this flat, flat pancake now, surely, and this was what J. K. Rowling meant when she described Disapparating. The feeling you get in your gut when you’re falling or on a rollercoaster? It was what made me loathe rollercoasters, and the feeling was multiplied more times than I could describe. A part of my mind considered the words I’d put into my rant about Collin, while the rest of my mind tried to shut down and repress this sensation.

    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2010

    If Bella Swan had done it for her true love, so could I. But as I fell through the air I started noticing how very long the drop was and how very shallow the water below was.


    If only I had acted on that New Moon reference I wanted to work in. XD

    Win, Puppet.


    It had all seemed so hopeless only a few minutes ago. But now, falling toward the rocks and rapids, I realized that everything was fixable. I could’ve done so many things, but it was too late. The wind was like icy fingers preparing to strangle. Then I hit the water, and the world faded away.

    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010

    He’ll never do it. A statement just as silly as the ones he’d heard about the sea monsters that supposedly lurk beneath the water. The first time, he hadn’t been entirely sure of his intentions, but this time there is no wavering. His legs don’t even tremble the way his hands had back then, even as the wind whips up and threatens to push his frail body off the edge. He leans forward, doesn’t make any attempt to resist; as he falls only one trivial thought seeps into his mind. Death by sea monster would be better than death by this fall.


    They never thought it would work. They said he was crazy. But now, with the ground only a distant memory, he is showing them all. The balloons rise much faster than he anticipated. The sun seems so close. He feels like Icarus and prays that his wings never melt.


    It’s like UP but smaller!



    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2010 edited

    Jafar giggled at Hades’ look of mild distaste. Of course Aladdin was an annoying street rat! Why did it take the fire-haired fool so long to realize it? Although, perhaps being surrounded buy imbeciles made one blind to other imbeciles? And that darn feathered horse….

    EDIT: I hid the next image because it’s large!



    Is Pooh sucking on the Xenomorph’s tail?


    DX That’s…


    Outside, there was a chaotic crowd holding signs. The leader of the protest was slack-jawed and looked as if somebody jammed a crow bar up his ass.

    • CommentAuthorNo One
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2010

    LOL ROFL That’s a very good description!