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    Chapter 1

    I just started re-watching this, and I got to wondering how many of you have seen this before. If you haven’t, you ought to.

    To summarize it, it’s a “book on tape” of the first Harry Potter movie, like a Riff Trax sort of thing. I thought people here would appreciate it more than those I know IRL, since y’all are familiar with the concept of Sues and fantasy story cliches and what have you.

    Anyway, give it a look and you’ll laugh a lot if you’re not an unthinkable person.




    That’s hilarious, thank you. xD

    “his master Dumbledore tells him to wait in the frickin car if he has to!”


    That’s hilarious, thank you. xD

    It really gets great towards the end, during the cribbage match and Ronnie the Bear’s epic chess game.

    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2009

    this is brilliant. I’m watching chapter 4 already.



    ‘This is the moment! I must make my move in this masking of a snowstorm, and I will take one letter into my room and whisper it to my horses and see what they think!’

    Oh how the wine talks.