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    • CommentAuthorWiseWillow
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009

    Have a book you’ve remembered the plot of, but can’t find in Google? Maybe other Imps have read it and remember the title…

    I remember two books of what was intended to be a five book series (the other three were as yet unpublished). The series was about five special people who are supposed to save the world from evil. Apparently these people have been reincarnated before… twice they won, twice they lost. This is the fifth and final attempt. Winning defeats the darkness forever, losing destroys the world. Each special person had a guide who was supposed to remember how things happened in the previous four attempts and guide the special person. Each special person also had an animal.

    The first novel focused on a girl with the element of fire. Her special person was her (unknown) half brother whom she eventually fell in love with. When they, ahem, found fulfillment in each other, she accidentally burned him to death. Her animal was a dragon. The second book focused on the guy with earth. His spirit person died in the womb, and so possessed the body of her twin brother who lived. It was a very weird but well written series, but I don’t remember any names. Anyone got any idea?

    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009

    ...Huh. When I started reading, I was sure it was the Gatekeepers series, but it’s not after all. Never mind.


    Haven’t heard of it, sorry.


    Never heard of it, but now I’d like to read it myself.

    Any hints? Do you remember how many words the series title had in it? The first letter? Author’s initials? Anything like that?

    • CommentAuthorWiseWillow
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009

    No, but after an hour of searching my brain (I first read these books in middle school at some point), I remembered that the third, unpublished book was titled something sea’s shadow. I googled that and boom! Instant book. The series is called “The Final Dance”. The first book was “On Fire’s Wings” and the second “In Stone’s Clasp”. The third was “Under Sea’s Shadow”.

    From the excerpts I’ve found, either they chose bad excerpts, or memory makes the heart forgive crappy writing…or it’s better than it sounds

    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2009

    I was sure it was the Gatekeepers series, but it’s not after all.

    That was exactly my first thought too, swenson!