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    • CommentAuthorWiseWillow
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009

    You get the idea…. each poster writes a paragraph or so. We had a round robin story a while back, it was rather epic…. and here is the basis for the new one (the last one mocked Eragon, so….)

    Ella Cherie Swallow lay on her bed, reviewing her Virgil with a groan. Normally she loved great literature- Jane Eyre was a wonderful book, and she adored To Kill A Mockingbird. But this was very dull. She couldn’t believe her new school could possibly assign something so boring and lame as summer reading. She had read The Aeneid before anyway (well, she had read it’s Wikipedia page) and it was a useless book. Aeneas sounded like a hottie, but the book was so long. She was above such drivel as this anyway.

    She sighed and pulled up the email on the laptop lying by her on the bed.

    “Read Homer’s The Odyssey Virgil’s The Aeneid and discuss some aspect of the theme of the wandering hero. What adventures are similar? What adventures are different? Examine the goals of the heroes, and the gods’ interference”

    Ella rolled her eyes. Such an easy prompt. She didn’t want to waste time on it, but she knew Farley would complain if her grades were poor. High school was highly overrated. Grades were so poor an indicator of future promise or intelligence. And she knew this backwoods town in Iowa would be sure to have low standards.

    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009

    So, with a despairing sigh, she clicked on the Start button and waited far too long for the menu to come up- what was this, the 80s? Her Start menu should be up instantly, but noooo, it took several whole seconds to appear! At long last it appeared, and she finally managed to click on her word processor, opening it.

    Suddenly, a ding sounded, and she realized an e-mail had arrived in her inbox.

    • CommentAuthorWiseWillow
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009

    Clicking it, she waited with a sigh for the screen to pop up. It was yet another email from her annoying mother. Ella read the email quickly. Her mother was doing very well, it was soooo thoughtful of Ella to go live with her father, was she surviving in Morks? The circus tour was thrilling, her new husband was headlining the sword swallowers. She’d call sometime later this week to check on Ella, and make sure to behave for Farley.

    Ella closed the email without responding. She could answer later. For now, she heard Farley coming upstairs. She quickly began work on her annoying paper, dreading the first day of school.

    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2009

    Farley poked his head around the doorframe of her room, and she sighed and glared at him- he was always invading her privacy like that! “Oh, hello, Ella,” he said nervously, as if he hadn’t expected to see her there. “Um, so I got you a truck.”

    “A… what?” Ella said skeptically.

    “A truck. You know… to drive to school?”

    Ella sighed dramatically. Certainly she needed something to drive to school (after all, the schoolbus and sidewalk were for mouth breathers), but a truck?! She’d hoped she could get something nice, like a Ford Focus wagon, but noooo, she had to get a truck! “What kind?” she asked, sighing again.

    “Umm… a 2009 pick-up,” Farley mumbled. “Picked it up cheap- it was in some minor accident, but I fixed it up right away.”

    With another sigh, Ella heaved herself up from the desk to go take a look. Not only was it a truck, but it was wrecked! And who drove 2009 cars, anyway, 2010 was where it was at!


    “Come see, Ella, come see!” Farley yelled when she didn’t come down within the next two minutes.

    “I’m coming!” said Ella, annoyed. She took her time getting down the stairs. That’d teach him! When she finally got to the door, she took one look outside and stared.

    “Uh… Dad? Whoever sold you that… thing... definitely lied about its age!”

    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2009

    Farley looked at the truck, then back at Ella. “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he said, defeatedly.

    Ella sniffed. “Well…“ she said, “I suppose it will have to do.” She turned to go back inside, then stopped and thought. There was something else that needed to happen, something she needed to say… She furrowed her brow as she tried to get her tongue around the unfamiliar sounds. “Thanks,” she finally managed to force out, then ran back upstairs.