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    So I was in the car with my boyfriend, and we got on to the subject of Eragon. My mother, who was in the car, had not heard in depth the perils and plotholes and patheticness of Eragon, so we proceeded to list all the reasons why Eragon was like Star Wars. Which lead me to a scary thought. Think of it this way:

    Inheritance is like Star Wars.
    Eragon is Luke.
    He meets Murtagh, who is like Han.
    He also meets Arya, who is like Leia.
    Han and Arya get together in the end because Luke can’t be with Leia.

    Does this mean that Murtagh will end up with Arya in the last book???


    No. That would make too much sense. :D

    • CommentAuthorCodeWizard
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    Was not scary.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009 edited


    But you’re right, it would make too much sense – everything from Luke Eragon leaving the Empire to never return to why Arya hates him so much would be explained.

    EDIT: I just realized I wrote “Han and Arya get together.” I think I’ll keep it, but just to show you how Inheritance is obviously plagiarized from interconnected with Star Wars.



    Who’s Chewie?

    • CommentAuthorCodeWizard
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    I was originally going to post this:

    This thread is now about what you would do if I did.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    I would hate to see Murtagh ruined by that horrible Mary Sue Elf. He’d snub her.

    Murtagh has too much awesomeness to be with her.


    Who’s Chewie?

    We discussed that, too. I believe we settled on Tornac. The horse.

    Or is Tornac the Millennium Falcon?


    Lol, Arya will get together with Eragon, but I’d rather it was with Murtagh.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009
    *Sigh* No. Just because Eragon is a LOT like Star Wars does not mean it will follow it's plot to the exact detail. Eragon WILL get the Magical Girlfriend, we all already know that.

    I mean, CP might decide he’s grown enough as an author (aurgh, despite the snarky sound I’ve got going on here, I’m not trying to be mean) to pull off a random plot twist thing, where he completely surprises us by killing Eragon off, etc, etc.

    But I don’t think he’ll want to do that.


    He already had that ridiculously stupid prophecy with Angela in Book 1. We already know he and Arya are going to leave Alagaesia with their dragons, leaving a broken Murtagh on the shore.

    • CommentAuthorGolcondio
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    Nasuads is the right colour to be Chewie, plus her dialogue lines can be easily swapped with wheezy animal screams, without detracting from the story, that is…


    Murtagh deserves better. Way better. I think he’s going to end up with Nasuada, and Eragon’ll get the elf. But I really hope that won’t happen. ;)

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    I think there’s quite a large backing for Murtagh and Arya out there, although I never thought it made much sense. If it was to work out like Star Wars, Murtagh would have to escape from Galby, get horribly snubbed by Arya, be dashing and charming and all that, and then they’d kiss and make out up. And honestly… I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. Murtagh will probably die, because there can’t possibly be a rival to Eragon.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009
    Alternatively, Murtagh will remain behind to safeguard Alagaesia while Eragon and Arya go off to Alalea to fight the One True Evil or whatever.

    Ooh, that’s a good prediction.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2009

    I hope it doesn’t happen. It would mean another series, but without the best character.

    Unless it followed Murtagh in his attempts to rebuild Alagaesia and fight off the invading Surdans, who are taking advantage of the chaos to found an empire of their own…


    That might be cool, providing it was well-written.


    Which it wouldn’t be…


    But if WE write it…


    Which we won’t…



    Unless one of us already did…

    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2009

    Murtagh’s too good for that, as has been said. It’s like seeing the tabloid covers going ROBERT PATTINSON IS GOING OUT WITH KRISTEN STEWART OMG.

    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2009 edited


    YOU? >_>

    <_< YOU?

    CEILING KITTY? ^ _ ^


    Hm… Puppet, you seem to be awfully suspicious of people. A little… too suspicious.

    • CommentAuthorCodeWizard
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009

    He’s just a puppet. A hapless puppet on strings.


    da. DA DA DA…

    Ok, I can’t ‘da da da’ the rest of the Master of Puppets riff. (Yes, I know, I do this EVERY TIME. I just can’t resist!)


    Well, Master of Puppets is a wicked song. :D