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    • CommentAuthorCometstorm
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009 edited
    So, I was flipping through the channels a bit ago and guess what I found?

    You've probably already guessed...

    Eragon the Movie, on ABC Family (because ABC Family has always had great taste in media :D)!

    Of course the movie is horrendous, but if you curl up on the couch and replace the word "dragon" with the word "wang" (you guys know what I'm talking about, I'm just being appropriate). I have not stopped laughing for a half an hour. Especially since the characters always use the word "dragon" in the same sentence as the word "rider."

    "Eragon, the easiest way to kill the dragon, is to kill its rider."

    "When a dragon and rider are truly one, they can see the same things."

    Teehee. I'm so immature.

    So does anyone else have fun Eragon Movie (or book) games they like to play?

    No, bu I sometimes do the same with other media.

    Dragon Ball Z- Power->Penis
    Bleach- Spiritual->Sexual
    Harry Potter- Wand->Wang

    Etc. :D


    I still love the rifftrax edition of that movie.

    “E-ragon. The Online Ragon merchant you can trust.”

    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2009
    “Look….” Loosening the ties on the cuff of his left (pant leg), he pulled back the soft lemarae- a fabric the elves made by cross-weaving wool and nettle threads- reavling a rancid yellow streak where his shield had mashed against his (rod).

    “Ha!” said Roran. “You call that tiny little (stick) a (rod)?
    I hurt myself worse when I bumped my (rod) this morning. Here, I’ll show you a (rod) a man can be proud of.”

    He unlaced his left boot and, pulled it off, and rolled up the leg of his trousers to expose a black (rod) as wide as Eragon’s thumb that slanted across his quadrips. “I caught the haft of a spear as a soldier was turning about.”

    Eragon inspected the (rod), then chuckled to himself and said, “Phsaw, those are (tiny)! Did you get lost and run into a rosebush? I have one that puts those to shame.” He removed both his boots, then stood and dropped his trousers, so that his only garb was his shirt and woolen underpants. “top that if you can,” he said, and pointed to the inside of his thighs.
    A riotous combination of colors mottled his (rod), as if Eragon was an exotic fruit that was ripening in uneven patches from crabapple green to putrefied purple.

    Roran winced and shivered at the same time. “does it go upward all the way…” He trailed off, and made a vague gesture upward.


    “I have to admit, that’s a remarkable (rod). You should be proud; it’s quite a feat to get (a rod that size) in the manner you did in that… particular…(Size).”

    “I’m glad you appreciate it.”

    Eragon’s eyes widened before he caught himself and concealed his shock behind a more neutral expression. He berated himself for overreacting, thinking, It can’t be that b(i)g, but the longer he studied Roran, the more dismayed he became.

    All that in two pages.

    vomit in joy

    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2009

    Unintentional innuendo ftw.


    this just made my day


    Oh. My. Lordy. Lou.

    • CommentAuthorLccorp2
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009

    At least when I do innuendo with Morningwood, it’s intentional.

    The above is…uh…indescribable.

    • CommentAuthorAri
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2009

    Lol, I love that. I was just rereading Eragon and came upon all the innuendoes again..