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    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2014

    Paolini is now sporting a beard!

    Interesting interview, but then I tend to listen to anything with Rothfuss because I find him an entertaining speaker.

    I suppose this is dredging up old stuff, but it’s interesting to hear confirmation of some suspicisions.
    Paolini interviews Patrick
    38:00 minutes (ish)
    “Because of the time constraints with my previous books, aside from my first book, I never really had a chance to write a book, give it a little time, and edit it myself. It was always a collaborative process. I never had time to get the story out of my head and look at it slightly objectively. doesn’t even take that long, you know take a month off, take a few weeks off, do something else…”

    ...and Patrick is willing to be a beta reader for Paolini

    I personally find a bit of space hugely helpful to be able to get a fresh perspective on my work. I can’t imagine dealing with such a tight time frame where I couldn’t rework the story on my own.

    Which isn’t to say he didn’t receive any editing:
    “When I was getting editing from my dad, I was literally getting back pages of red.”

    But it’s far easier to rethink consequences in your story or troubleshoot story problems with a bit of space.