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    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011 edited

    I’ve been thinking about making a thread like this for awhile(assuming one doesn’t already exist from back in the wayback). I know a couple of people have made references to playing Magic: The Gathering in other threads, and I know some people have tried D&D too, and it wouldn’t shock me if somebody played Warhammer or what have you. This is nerd territory after all.

    Anyway, I’ve been playing Magic since late high school(starting with the Onslaught block) and stopped playing just before Time Spiral dropped. I started playing again this fall once I moved back to DFW as a way of hanging out with some of my old bros, but it’s still pretty fun just to play the game.

    Plus I found out about EDH. What is EDH? Ask me about EDH and I will TELL YOU what EDH is. If you play Magic and you don’t know, you need to know.

    Never played D&D, although I’ve played lots of D&D-based PC games(you know the ones). It does seem like fun though, and I’d give it a try if I could get some other people interested, and a DM who had a clue.

    So… yeah. Have at it, I guess?

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011

    I think I’m going to regret this, but… what is EDH?

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011

    I started playing Magic: the Gathering during the original Mirrodin block, and stopped playing after Lorwyn. Lately, I’ve played a few games, as people in college seem to like it for nostalgia.

    D&D is good fun, if you have a good DM, but not otherwise.

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011

    My only personal experience with Magic is in high school. I didn’t play much, but a friend of mine did and a few times at lunch he tried to teach me how to play. Either he was a terrible teacher or (much more likely) I was just a terrible player, because I lost every time, even when he was going easy on me…

    I’ve played a little Magic-type games online and find it entertaining enough. My problem with that sort of thing is that people don’t like to just play to have fun, it’s all about the perfect strategy to win, getting the perfect line-up of cards, and so on. I don’t really like games like that (not just card games, but any game where it’s possible to talk about the BEST strategy, like chess) so I’m not too much into it.


    I play magic on occasion with the boys on lunch break at college. It’s pretty fun, though I don’t know all the ins and outs or whatever. For me it’s just a way to kill time. (also, I’ve won a few times, somehow). They have a deck specifically put together for me to use, and it’s a good one. I don’t have my own deck though, and I don’t get to play as often as I like.

    I also get made fun of cos I’m the only girl.

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011

    I tried to find a DnD group, but the problem with playing DnD in real life is finding a bunch of people who will take it seriously “I attack the darkness!” and a DM who knows how to lead a group.

    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2011 edited

    I think I’m going to regret this, but… what is EDH?

    I’m glad you asked, swenson!

    EDH(which stands for Elder Dragon Highlander), also known as “Commander”(but only to noobs) is a variant format for Magic. It’s super-casual, and it’s primarily intended for multiplayer games.

    The rules are different from regular Magic as follows:

    Decks must be 99 cards, and you can only have one copy of any given card except for basic land(this is where the Highlander part comes from). You also begin each game with 40 life, rather than 20.

    What makes EDH truly different is your deck’s General. Every EDH deck must have a General, who functions as the 100th card.

    The General must be a legendary creature, and the cards in the deck can’t contain mana colors that aren’t present on your General. The General begins the game in a special zone called the Command Zone where it can’t interact with anything. At any point you could normally play your General from your hand, you can play it from the Command Zone for whatever it would normally cost.

    Whenever the General dies, you can put it back into the Command Zone instead of into your graveyard or the RFG zone. To play it again, it costs 2 more colorless mana in addition to its base cost. If it dies a second time, it costs another 2 on top of that, and so forth. It’s an incentive to protect your General once it’s in play without punishing you too harshly for it dying(and it WILL die, no matter which one you pick).

    If the same General deals 21 combat damage to any particular player over the course of one game, that player is dead regardless of his actual life total. This is to keep mass lifegain strategies from being overpowered(my brother hit something like 16,000 life in one game without even really trying before somebody decided to finish him off) and to make attacking with Generals more meaningful than just swinging with random dorks.

    The biggest thing about EDH is that it encourages creativity in deck design and play decisions, while competitive Magic formats(which I also love) reward tight playskill more than deckbuilding. Since you’re only allowed a single copy of any given card, you’ve got to be imaginative in the way you set your deck up to accomplish whatever its overall plan happens to be.

    Since there’s less pressure with 3-5 players and twice as much life, you can build decks around elaborate themes or weird concepts, since most EDH players tend to be more concerned with doing cool shit and winning in hilarious or stylish ways if they’re going to win at all.

    Your choice of a General really helps you put your stamp on the deck too, since a legendary creature actually generates a sense of identity. Some people don’t play their Generals much(these people are lame), and some people build their decks entirely around the General to the point where they have trouble functioning properly without the General in play(these people are cooler).

    I’ve currently got two EDH decks, one of which is Black/Green with Savra, Queen of the Golgari as its General, and another that’s Blue/Green with Momir Vig, Simic Visionary as its General. Savra is probably more consistent and refined, but Momir Vig is significantly more powerful. Of course, in a multiplayer game, if I don’t play politics properly, that means Vig is much more likely to get ganged up on.

    I’ve also got a Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund deck in the works that’s going to be wall-to-wall beating the shit out of people with dragons, and a Ghost Dad deck that I’m making just because I find that card’s nickname terribly amusing.

    ...Man, that was a ton of shit I just typed.

    I started playing Magic: the Gathering during the original Mirrodin block, and stopped playing after Lorwyn. Lately, I’ve played a few games, as people in college seem to like it for nostalgia.

    Oh man, I loved Mirrodin, but it seems like a horrible place to start playing. That block was pretty much insane, and I still don’t know what they were thinking when they printed a bunch of the shit from it.


    To again shill for EDH, it’s got a high level of nostalgia value since pretty much everything(except for a small banlist that you don’t even really have to follow if you don’t want to) is legal in it. It’s easy to construct a functional deck with just a pile of old crap you have laying around from back in the day. It won’t be optimal obviously, but it’ll run.

    My problem with that sort of thing is that people don’t like to just play to have fun, it’s all about the perfect strategy to win, getting the perfect line-up of cards, and so on.

    Well, I don’t know about those other games, but there’s no such thing as a perfect strategy in Magic. Almost everything can be battled somehow. When I first started playing competitively, the dominant deck in the Standard format could kill you as early as turn 2, sometimes slipping back to as late as turn 4 with an unusually slow draw. People still found ways to beat it.

    That said, your feelings here are what fuel my love for EDH. It’s more about the journey than the destination, the spectacle of using weird, bad, obscure, or expensive cards and strategies to, well, if not win, to at least make memorable and epic games. When I play with my Momir Vig deck, I actually hope the other players will disrupt my combos or else it’s no fun.

    I also get made fun of cos I’m the only girl.

    Girls are overpowered at Magic. This is fact.

    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2011

    EDH does sound like an interesting variant. Anything that encourages crazy and clever play can’t possibly be a bad thing. From the little experience I have, I can also see how restricting you to only one of each type of card could really make play interesting, as you never know what you’re going to get. Very interesting.


    Yeah, that’s one of its other charms. In regular Magic, it’s usually a sign of a well-designed deck if it plays pretty much the same way game-in and game-out. If you let the focus of it dilute, you’re diluting its consistency. Randomness is the enemy, and a big part of competitive Magic is trying to minimize the randomness inherent in the game itself.

    In EDH though, you never know what the hell’s gonna happen in a given game. It’s further exacerbated by the fact that everybody at the table has such variance, so even if I’m playing with a General like Momir Vig, where it’s built so I can pretty much fish any specific card out of the deck between 1 and 3 steps, I still have to make my choices around what my opponents are doing, and it’s frequently the wrong decision to just ignore the present gamestate and get Teferi and Seedborn Muse in play together(which is when the deck starts going wild). Before he left for Korea, one of my cousins had a deck with Experiment Kraj as its General(a big dumb mutant that can copy other creatures’ abilities if they’ve received a small, common strength buff), and it was just as frequent for him to slightly boost his opponents’ dudes to copy their abilities as well(rather than just his own). The things his deck could do varied to an absurd degree, because everybody else at the table had a hand in it too.

    ffffffff I type too much about this. It’s like The Wire or something.


    I’m a gimmiky MtG player.

    Love tabletop games though.

    Hey – why is this thread in serious discussion?


    Speaking of which…


    Hey – why is this thread in serious discussion?


    Oh, Sorin. I love that guy, if only because he’s inexplicably worth ~$12 and he got me another Sensei’s Divining Top in a trade. You can never have enough Tops.

    Anyway, there’s a Grand Prix in DFW this weekend(huge event, below the Pro Tour, but open entry) and I’m planning to be there for at least Saturday to play in the Standard portion. You’ve gotta go something like 8-2 to qualify for Sunday and I probably haven’t got much of a shot, but I’m playing mono-Red, and sometimes Red just wins games.

    The real prize for me will be trading with other nerds from out-of-state and doing some digging for obscure EDH cards at the plethora of vendors that’ll be there.

    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2011

    Many of my friends play Magic, but I’ve never tried. I hear mixed opinions about how it’s ‘awesomely broken’ or just plain ‘broken.’ I’ve played DnD a little. I’ve wanted to try Dark Heresy but Warhammer 40k is a little over-the-top for me. I like subtelty. For that reason, even though I’ve been asked to on a few occasions, I blatantly refused to play Exalted.

    I grew up on Call of Cthulhu but never played it seriously—just with a few friends once in a while. Currently I’m trying my hand at GM’ing a CoC campaign. I’m not particularly good at it; I’ve only GM’ed on a few occassions before, and I’m bad at improvisation and excessively cruel to the players. I think this campaign is going well, though. It’s nice to explore this different mode of fiction writing.


    Many of my friends play Magic, but I’ve never tried. I hear mixed opinions about how it’s ‘awesomely broken’ or just plain ‘broken.’ I’ve played DnD a little. I’ve wanted to try Dark Heresy but Warhammer 40k is a little over-the-top for me. I like subtelty. For that reason, even though I’ve been asked to on a few occasions, I blatantly refused to play Exalted.

    That’s why some of my pals and I just play pre-constructed games and gimmicks. Usually not as broken or unfun.


    I was inspired to talk about magic a bit.


    With regards to your blog post, I too was disappointed in the omission of Hunted Dragon from the list, since I need one for my Karrthus EDH deck. The rest of the dragons included were pretty disappointing, too.

    On the upside, Knight of the Reliquary is absurdly good.


    Sansa, no leave comment? =(

    You looking forward to the EDH special decks releasing in a few months?


    You looking forward to the EDH special decks releasing in a few months?

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Some of the spoiled cards I really like(Death by Dragons lololol) and some I think are garbage(Archangel of Strife, which is just going to have anybody who isn’t using Doran the Siege Tower choose “war” and beat the shit out of you before you get your next turn). It’ll be nice if there are some EDH staples thrown in to sweeten the deal, though, like Top or Lightning Greaves.

    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2011

    EDH is particularly fun because of how the games are usually long enough for everybody’s deck to do its thing, without dragging on too long.


    You deserve a brofist for being down with the Gentleman’s Game, Moldorm. I must know who your general(s) are.

    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2011

    Wooo, a brofist from sansa! Now I know I’m a real man.

    I use Mayael (get 6 mana, get big things), Sedris (reanimate stuff) and Jaya Ballard (burning!). Mainly Mayayayayael, though; the deck is basically made of all the impractical massive creatures that I can’t fit in regular decks.


    Wooo, a brofist from sansa! Now I know I’m a real man.

    It’s like an impromptu Bar Mitzvah over the internet.

    Mayael seems really strong, since there’s tons of good dudes in RWG that you can dump in with her on the cheap, especially if you’re rolling with Oracle of Mul Daya or library manipulation that lets you do it without blind activations.

    Sedris is pretty badass, too. My cousin’s got a Sedris deck, and although I’ll always prefer to keep dead stuff around so I can recur it(Savra has Oversold Cemetary/Genesis/dumb Dredge stuff and Vig has several ways to shuffle my yard back in to re-tutor it), the ease of use that comes with Sedris’s Unearth cost more than makes up for it. Also Tunnel Vision is disgusting in that deck, even if you’ve gone temporarily crazy and named a card that isn’t Living Death.

    Jaya seems like she’d be interesting. Spellshaping was always a cool mechanic I thought, and she does it really efficiently and with a nice range of options. Also, she gives you a reason to include Squee somewhere in your 99!

    There’s been a couple of new kids at our shop recently, and after two Fridays worth of relentless pitching, I got him to try EDH. He’s trying out Crovax, Ascendant Hero, and he’s an irritating bitch(Crovax, not the kid). I mean, he’s still learning the nuances of the format and hopefully he sticks with it, but it takes all my will not to make fun of him when he drops a Knight Errant in a 4 player game. We’ve still got some schooling to do.


    You know, I admit that I really like the flavor and balance of the Ravnica block. It’d be fun sometime to do an EDH match themed around the guilds.

    I’m thinking… you have to pick a guild and can’t put in any card with a watermark that doesn’t match it. And/or your commander has to be the guild leader.

    Of course, if I was playing I’d have Nicol Bolas as my commander just on principle. XD


    It’d be an interesting experiment, I’ll say that much. I dunno if there’s quite enough material there to make strong all-around EDH decks if you’re keeping it guild-only, but if they’re only playing against themselves it could be pretty cool. At least, that’s assuming that Simic doesn’t end up bulldozing the other color combos(<3 Vig).

    Of course, if I was playing I’d have Nicol Bolas as my commander just on principle. XD

    Bolas is a pretty solid general, IMO. He’s resource intensive, but his damage trigger can be backbreaking and Grixis is a really strong color combo. Also you get to play the Walker version of him in your 99, and it’s not that hard to cast if you put effort into your land base and play a few good mana rocks.

    The toughest part when making 3 color EDH decks is finding ways to limit yourself and stay on theme, because even the weaker shards/wedges can be filled up with nothing but goodstuff.


    I came in first at my LGS’s New Phyrexia prerelease tourney today, so hurrah for me(beat my brother in the last round, he came in third), and only lost one game all day(to my brother). Played a Red/White Metalcraft deck with no bombs besides a Precursor Golem to speak of, but I did have a couple of good burn spells and double Tumble Magnet, which is a sick-ass card in Limited formats. Anyway, got 16 NPH packs in prize and my brother got 4, and between us we opened 2 Batterskulls, 2 Swords of War and Peace, and a Phyrexian Obliterator as far as mythics went. Also got a pair of Surgical Extractions which I think suck but are worth ~$10 right now, so I need to unload them.

    It was a good day.

    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2011

    I came across this rather interesting article on io9 today regarding mixing Magic with a more typical tabletop RPG, and thought you Magic/tabletop RPG-playing folk might also find it interesting.


    I think I’ve finally weened myself off CCGs, and committed to only playing in sealed tournaments.

    Went to WoW’s War of the Elements release two weeks ago and did pretty good (especially for not having played WoW or cards in general in awhile).

    I’m actually looking at making a 2nd WoW TCG... one that’s less… magic-rip-offy.

    Congrats to you, sansa. We’ll have to face each other some day.


    Holy crap. Knights v Dragons. My life is complete.


    That was a pretty interesting article, swenson. It’d take a lot of thought to make it work, though.

    Three new generals from the precons spoiled today, and all three are pretty interesting compared to the previously spoiled 3-color generals.

    Also, my playset of Arcbound Ravagers came in the mail today. It’s like seeing your best friend after having been away for years, and finding out that he’s coming to live with you and be your bro and win you money in glorious battle. Just need to finish my Mox playset and I’ll be ready to play Legacy, which is pretty much the best constructed format right now by miles.

    “Ravager, what is best in life?”


    My newest EDH general:

    • CommentAuthorMr.Doobie
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011

    I play D&D. Never got into Magic, mostly because all the friends I’ve met who play it become horribly addicted to it at the expense of other activities, and within about half a year after discovering it, they become horribly uninteresting, dickish people. D&D? Magic is better. Parties? No thanks, playing Magic. Girls? Even though I always cry about not having a girlfriend, actually talking to a girl would require I put down my Magic cards. Conversation about anything that isn’t Magic with a friend who doesn’t play? So they’re coming out with these new black cards…

    Seriously, I had one friend in high school who got really bad. How bad? At that time, in my home town, Magic tournaments were held every Friday night at the local card shop. You had to pay $10 to enter, and your reward was store credit people would just use to buy more Magic cards. This friend of mine always had to go. We would make plans weeks in advance for a certain date, he would offer to drive a bunch of people. Then, 15 minutes before our meeting time, I’d get a call from him saying something like “I can’t come, I’m sick.” Suspicious, the first couple times I called his parents and they would tell me he was off at Friday Night Magic (the incredibly creative and witty name for the weekly tournament). The worst part was, because he was a ride, and he backed out at the last minute, 4-6 people were dicked out of a fun night because of him (after a while we stopped trusting him with being in charge of a carpool). He missed almost every one of his friends birthdays (including mine), graduation parties, a wicked awesome 4th of July, a wicked awesome New Years party, all so he could play at Friday night Magic.

    Every other person I’ve befriended who plays Magic is like him (though most to a considerably lesser degree), and it’s kind of disturbing. The lying to hide that they’re playing, the moodiness they have when not talking about or playing Magic, the amount of money they spend just to play a damn game, the way Magic cards litter every nook and cranny of whatever living spaces they occupy; I’m beginning to think Magic has some damn strong addictive properties. Or maybe I’m just unlucky.

    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011 edited

    I feel some of the same reservations about Magic. lt’s an expensive hobby that I don’t think I want to pick up. I have noticed a certain antisocial effect of Magic on my friends, but as long as I can drag them outdoors to get some air and sunshine, (and I’ve successfully done that to the entire gamers’ club at my university), they sober up and forget about the Magic cards for a while.

    I’ve been playing a lot of RPG’s in recent months. I know that there’s a trend in my RPG choices (i.e. horror). I’ve never really been into DnD because I’m not too fond of games that are heavy on combat and mechanics. I prefer subtlety, open-endedness, and being able to play as an ordinary person in events that are much bigger than I am. Usually that sends me leaning towards horror and post-apocalyptic scenarios.

    I finished up my Call of Cthulhu campaign a while ago. It was an interesting experiment, with me being an inexperienced GM and the players being five guys whose chosen method of apprehending a suspect was to stab him. I ended up putting an abrupt end to the campaign by killing off everyone’s character. It wasn’t just ‘rocks fall, everyone dies’ though; we all agreed that it was for the best. One of the problems was that I see the Cthulhu mythos as inherently funny and I play it for comedic value. Most of my players did as well, but somewhere along the way, we lost the horror aspect. I’ve learned quite a bit about GM’ing, though, and I hope to put that to use in the future.

    I recently tried a narrative RPG called Hot War that I really like. Has anyone heard of it? It’s pretty new, and it resembles the Delta Green scenario for Call of Cthulhu. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic Britain in the 1960’s, with the premise that the Cold War went hot, and an added backdrop of twisted government occult technology gone rampant. I really like the way the story and characters are built in this game; it’s very light on the mechanics, and instead of skills, you have character/personal traits that can add or subtract to your rolls. You roll to determine whether a scene turns out positively or negatively for you; based on these rolls, the players and the GM to narrate the scene.

    I’ve also tried something unusual for my taste… high fantasy! I’ve been playing in a campaign of 7th Sea for a few weeks—think The Princess Bride in the setting of Pirates of the Caribbean with a liberal dosing of magic. I find it hilarious that I can get away with playing a female seamstress-turned-pirate disguised as a man, recently escaped from prison, and out for revenge against an ex-husband. It’s a nice change of pace. There’s no dungeon crawling and a large political/social aspect, which keeps it from becoming tedious.

    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011

    “I find it hilarious that I can get away with playing a female seamstress-turned-pirate disguised as a man, recently escaped from prison, and out for revenge against an ex-husband.”

    I laughed. :) Kind of reminds me of Twelfth Night.

    I’m a D&D person, myself (well, now Pathfinder, since D&D went all WoW for 4th edition). I’ve never played Magic, but I’ve had friends who have broken away from its grasp say it’s pretty addictive and draining. But then I’ve known people who have done that with D&D, too.

    • CommentAuthorMr.Doobie
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2011

    @ Miel

    You should play the D&D campaign I make/get involved in.


    Sansa, I picked up one of the Magic:Commander decks recently, so now I have an EDH deck for playing.

    (also, I like the modded card)


    Here you are, Sansa. I wouldn’t have put Magic: The Gathering in the category of tabletop games, but whatever you say. Trading cards are much more portable and harder to lose than dice and figurines.

    On the other hand, I think Magic was among the earliest trading card games invented. One must defer to seniority.

    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2012

    Since this is apparently the place for it:

    I’ve never understood what the strategy of Magic is. It seems pointless and counterintuitive to “construct” a deck that needs things done in order, only to play with it randomly shuffled. Hints?

    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2012

    I’ve played a little fake Magic (aka other card games that aren’t Magic), so from a fellow noob perspective, that’s all part of the game. You hope you get certain cards at certain times, but in the end, there’s that tension that maybe the one card you need is going to end up on the bottom of your deck and your whole game will be ruined.

    But in general, I think a deck that relies on a single card to do anything else would be a pretty weak deck. You have to leave enough options to actually be able to play the game even if you don’t get your super special awesome (ohoho, see what I did there?) card right away.


    Variance is an important part of the game, and one of the keys to building good decks is finding a way to reduce the variance. In regular constructed Magic formats, you can only have 4 copies of any one card in your deck(except for basic lands), otherwise you’d just stuff your deck with 40-something Lightning Bolts and have the rest be Mountains, and just throw Bolts at your opponent’s face until they die(note: there is a Legacy deck that does this, but it has to play inferior versions of Lightning Bolt.)

    The ultimate idea is to provide diverse gameplay experiences even when you play the same two decks against each other multiple times. When you’re playing competitively, Deck A having a 70% loss rate and 30% win rate against Deck B would be considered a horrible match-up for Deck A, so if you’re both lucky and good, you’re not guaranteed to lose against decks that should be favored against you.

    That said, Wizards of the Coast has really been trying to push even more randomness into the game as of late, and it’s debatable whether or not this is good(loldelver).


    Did they ever make a third “Un-” joke set? I loved collecting those. And have Slivers returned since Time Spiral?
    Just saw that there are more Mirrodin (when I stopped playing for a while, since everyone used damn Ravagers) cards, and… Phyrexia? I feel like playing again. Only problem is, virtually all the players in town were greasy, elitist nerd types (the stereotypes are true!) that refused to play against my Slivers or Tog. Having a bunch of fellow MTG nerds was the best part of high school, since we made fun theme decks (and a few competitives like tog), Phyrexians vs. Kavu being fun.

    Variance is an important part of the game, and one of the keys to building good decks is finding a way to reduce the variance.

    20 Black Lotuses and 20 Plague Rats. Now that’s real Magic!



    Just saw that there are more Mirrodin (when I stopped playing for a while, since everyone used damn Ravagers) cards, and… Phyrexia?

    Yeah, last year’s block went back to Mirrodin, and it was getting invaded by Phyrexians. Sadly they didn’t reprint Arcbound Ravager or the artifact lands or any of the really busted stuff from the original Mirrodin block, but they did print 3 more Swords of X and Y(Body and Mind, Feast and Famine, War and Peace). The fall set this year is going to be another Ravnica block, so if it’s 75% as good as the original Ravnica, it’s gonna be pretty sweet.

    Did they ever make a third “Un-” joke set? I loved collecting those. And have Slivers returned since Time Spiral?

    Nope and nope. They claim they’re going to do both “someday” but who knows when that is. I just want more awesome full-art lands. Unhinged Islands are like $6 a pop ;_;


    Again you surprise (and shock) me with the prices of cards now, sansa! I used to have rather a lot of Unhinged lands (several shiny) from boosters, drafts, etc, but just gave them away to friends. The follies of youth I guess. Still have one of each Unglued land.
    That picture you posted… man, so many memories. I built a U/R deck around just killing that ornithopter-and-artifact-land-eating bastard. Of course, people soon stopped playing against it.
    As for the new Mirrodin thing, do you know the story? I thought Phyrexia was pretty well destroyed in the Dominarian Overlay. But, if I recall, there were different circles of it or something. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yawgmouth (sp?) was still around somewhere. (I LOVED the lore back then. Too bad the novels were Tesch quality).


    Yawgmoth is dead(and I think Phyrexia is destroyed) but Phyrexians still exist. They somehow invaded Mirrodin and drove the natives out to set up New Phyrexia. I don’t pay a whole ton of attention to the “story” nowadays, since it’s all based around boring Planeswalker characters(yeah, that’s something you probably weren’t around for, Planeswalkers are a card type now) who can just leave the plane in question whenever the situation gets bad instead of having to deal with shit they stir up like Gerard and his homies.

    several shiny

    I hope there weren’t any Islands. They’re $30+ in foil. One store I was at playing in a random 1k or something announced they were having midnight Unhinged drafts and their most repeated selling point was “You could open a foil Island!”

    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2012

    Wow. All the players at the game shop I just recently was introduced are so laid back, it’s insane. Pretty much everyone there has both tournament and casual decks, and they’ll spend the time helping you build up new decks and then play test them. There’s also a fair variety of people, who (I am happy to say) are all keenly aware of the importance of personal hygiene. It’s great.

    That said, I honestly have no idea what decks were around when I stopped playing. I haven’t played for about six years, and I’m starting completely from scratch since my mother completely destroyed my entire collection of cards and assorted games. I haven’t had a chance to play EDH yet, but it sounds like a ton of fun, and I’m trying to see if I can maybe borrow one of the other guys’ EDH decks to get a feel before investing in one myself.

    Once I get back into the swing of things, I’m definitely planning on playing in tournaments. I used to be quite good. And it will be a nice challenge considering there are at least two excellent players at the shop.


    There’s also a fair variety of people, who (I am happy to say) are all keenly aware of the importance of personal hygiene.


    I haven’t had a chance to play EDH yet, but it sounds like a ton of fun, and I’m trying to see if I can maybe borrow one of the other guys’ EDH decks to get a feel before investing in one myself.

    That’s probably feasible. Most EDH players that I know have multiple decks, and letting someone else play your EDH deck gives a special vain intellectual thrill if you put a lot of work into it(back when I still had Momir Vig, I lent it to a friend/good player who recently had his cards stolen, and it was hella fun watching him trying to figure out how to play it). I have a specific EDH deck I built to loan to noobs(Ezuri), but it’s still kinda hard to riddle out the trickier plays besides “Tap Rofellos for obscene amounts of mana, untap him somehow, tap him again, use Ezuri’s Overrun a bunch, swing for a hundred.” I lent it to the new girl yesterday and she did pretty well with it once she knew what all the cards did. Even pulled the ol’ “Morph Tribal Forcemage with 5 elves out to enable Mosswort Bridge to flip Regal Force to draw a bunch of cards” trick and I was a little proud. Of course, we still all died horribly to a Primeval Titan nobody could kill.

    Once I get back into the swing of things, I’m definitely planning on playing in tournaments.

    Get real familiar with Delver of Secrets and Snapcaster Mage.

    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2012

    So I was browsing Magic designer Mark Rosewater’s Q&A tumblr blog, when I was struck by the frequent appearances of one Mr. Sansafro! Any relation?

    I’ve not been keeping up with Magic so much lately, but I did recently make a Mimeoplasm EDH deck! It’s not very original, I know, but It’s fun so far. My usual EDH general is Mayael the Anima, so it makes a nice change.


    I was struck by the frequent appearances of one Mr. Sansafro! Any relation?



    The previews for M13 started this week, but almost half of the set is already datamined from DotP13. Current spoiler list can be found here.

    Seems kinda mediocre so far, to be honest. Maybe there’s more good stuff coming. One of my friends is absolutely convinced they’re going to be reprinting the Ravnica shocklands in M13 rather than waiting for RTR, but I think he’s wrong(and hope he’s right).


    Any other nerds go to the M13 prerelease today? Mine went pretty well. Pulled Thundermaw/Bolas/foil Nefarox in my pool, but U and R weren’t deep enough so I went BG with Rancor/Nighthawk/some other decent guys(but mostly Rancor and Nighthawk). Helped one of the new girls build her deck for the achievement and also because she is nice and kind of cute, and she forced a draw with my brother in Round 1, so I felt kind of proud. I ended up finishing third, which was pretty good I guess. Didn’t really open much in my prize packs, but I didn’t care, since I was close to making up entry on my pool by itself.

    Best part of the day: Traded a bunch of fairly useless(to me) mythics for a slightly dinged Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and traded a bunch of other cards I’ll never play to the other new girl for a Top and a Krosan Grip.

    Worst part of the day: Playing an unnecessarily long EDH game with the store owner and a few of my friends after it was over as they got progressively drunker, more obnoxious, and way slower playing, while I had to stay sober for the drive home. It stopped being fun about a third of the way through and just became a chore.

    • CommentAuthorMerlitaru
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2012
    I'm not really that interested in M13, I didn't see any cards that I really wanted for my deck. The only card I kind of liked was that one red goblin.
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    Had a lot of fun drafting. Wound up playing a white/blue/green deck, and although I didn’t win all my matches, all my games were either super close (as in if my opponent hadn’t drawn and played a Duskhunter Bat and so been able to block my Welkin Tern, I would’ve nailed his last 2 life before he had a chance to mob me) or a clear win (Sands of Delirium + Boundless Realms = if I haven’t milled you to death earlier with Sands + Mind Sculpt, you’re dead now).

    And I’m beginning to find my place in the ranks of players there. While I’m nowhere near the top (yet), I’m no slouch, and I got a lot of compliments from the top players at the shop about my playing and deck this time around. I’d probably be better if I could devote the time and money to be more than just a casual player. XD

    • CommentAuthorMerlitaru
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012 edited
    See, I have no idea how to do draft. I usually just end up picking cards at random and hoping I have some semblance of a deck that's actually decent. I'm not very good at deciding if a card is half-way decent or not and whether I should pick it. It takes me forever just to decide to take a card and then I end up slowing everyone down. That, and I tend to be the only female in the store, I get a little self-conscious that people will judge me because I'm still fairly new at magic.

    I feel more confident in my RDW deck that I use for standard, because it's a deck I enjoy and even though I don't win half the time, sometimes I get lucky and get a lot of damage out very quickly.

    Besides, at the moment I'm a bit more interested in Warhammer 40k and Warmachine than I am Magic >_>. I haven't really played much magic yesterday and I spent the money I had yesterday getting a Tau army, Codex, and the rulebook so I can play 40k :D.
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    Hah, I had a long, long period of obsession with 40k. Tau are the coolest thing ever. Did you get any of those awesome tanks?

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    I’m still fairly new to drafting myself, but I’ve found that which cards are good for you depends entirely on your playstyle and what other people prefer to play. I’m not a very aggressive player, preferring to outlast my opponents, and I rely mainly on non-creatures and effects to deal damage. Most of the players at my shop are aggressive creature players, and so I often get passed cards like Angel’s Mercy, Fog, Ground Seal, and various walls. Cards that give me life or creatures with lifelink are my favorites, though it’s always a good idea to snag 3-4 one-drops to help defend against burn decks and deal damage early on.

    With that said, once in a while, you’ll get passed a card so good that the only reason it could’ve been passed to you was that there was something better in the pack. Even if you can’t use it in your deck, snap that card up. If it’s that good, you don’t want anyone else using it against you. In my case, I had three cards that were like that this draft: Stormtide Leviathan, Sands of Delirium, and Mind Sculpt. Luckily for me, I was passed the Stormtide Leviathan early enough in the draft that I was able to incorporate Blue into my deck (though I never actually got a chance to use it).

    It also helps to have a general idea of what colors you’d like to play. This will probably change by the time the first pack has finished going around, but it gives you a base to more quickly judge cards by. I usually set out to play White not only because I like White, but also because most of the other players don’t play White as often or heavily. Knowing the favorite colors of the people you’re playing with is pretty important and can really help you choose which color and cards you’ll pick.

    Another thing I like to do is divide my deck into piles by color. It helps to be able to see at a glance “Okay, I started out looking for Red, but I’ve been pulling a lot more Blue, so I should shift focus to Blue more than Red.” or even (like in the case of Prized Elephant and Arctic Aven) if taking one card over another would work well with the deck you’ve currently got.

    Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice before the draft starts.

    But, most importantly, don’t stress too much about it. It’s a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. Losing is often as much fun as winning, though I’ve found that you learn more from the losing. ;P

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    When I used to Magic heavily my friends and I would quote Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged liberally. That upped the fun factor quite a bit.


    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    Did you ever disregard the rules by reason of having excessive amounts of money?

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012

    And now, for the ultimate question… to brave traffic to play constructed, or to stay home and play TF2?

    Ah, decisions. I do have some cards I wanted to pick up that I forgot to last night, though…

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012 edited

    Nobody’s really good at drafting to start with, because good cards in Limited formats often vary wildly from what’s good in Constructed. Like, say, Pacifism is usually unplayable in Constructed formats unless you’re doing some kind of weird ‘use Sun Titan to bring it directly into play on an enemy Thrun and bypass hexproof’ sort of angle-shooting, but Pacifism is usually a top-3 pick in Draft, depending on what set you’re drafting.

    Basically the thing to keep in mind is that, unless somebody slams a game-winning bomb, most Draft games are won via attrition and evasion. Removal spells should usually be your highest priority, especially if it’s universal removal. They answer opposing bombs and clear the way for your dudes to swing in when you need to. It’s not always intuitive that you should be taking kill spells that high when you first start, but yeah, they’re extremely important. When I drafted M13 last Friday, one of the new girls was in Black/Red and she passed multiple Searing Spears and Murders, which was not a very good idea. I ended up in BW(my first pick was a Murder and I got passed Pacifism somewhere around pick 4 or 5 which was nuts) and got to scoop 2 more Murders over the course of the draft which was nuts.

    The other important thing you want to look out for is evasive creatures, because ground stalls are fairly common(especially in removal-light environments), and guys with evasion can whittle your opponent down(or slap the shit out of them if you have some good equipment or, God forbid, Rancor) while all the other guys in play just stare at each other. It’s an old-ass example, but back in Kamigawa block, I used to first-pick Nezumi Cutthroat all the time and splash Black for him even if I ended up in two other colors(UW usually). You can win a lot of games just by chipping away with a 2-power flyer and keeping the other guy’s guys dead or otherwise out of the way.

    The real trick to drafting once you know what cards are good is deciding your colors and deck style. There’s no hard and fast blanket approach, but most people will advocate something between two poles, the poles being “Force a color pair/archetype regardless of what you think the people around you are doing” and “Don’t have anything specific in mind and draft based entirely on what the people around you are passing.” The end goal is the same, which is to not fight with the people next to you over good cards in your colors(the former accomplishes it by cutting colors so hard that the people around you will switch colors mid-draft rather than fight for scraps). I’m personally somewhere in the middle, but closer to the second way than the first. I don’t have a favorite color, so I don’t mind playing what I’m passed, but I will cut colors hard rather than switch colors midway through if I have to. I’ve won a lot of drafts just by being in the most underdrafted color(s) at the table and having the highest average card quality.

    Also, asking for advice is a good idea, especially if the people at your LGS aren’t creeps or shitheads.

    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2012 edited

    I love how you type these mini-articles full of words I don’t understand. It’s so cute and enthusiastic.

    EDIT: @Swenson: Screw the money, I have rules! ...Wait.

    • CommentAuthorMerlitaru
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2012
    I'm not exactly sure what I got XD. I got the Tau Battlebox which is supposed to be really good as I get everything i need to play a game right out of the box! I'm so excited to put them together and play them :D.

    As for magic:
    I tend to gear for red, I'm pretty aggressive and I like to burn and get as much damage done as possible. I hate blocking, and I hate really complicated strategies. The really only time I block is when I want them to kill my goblin arsonists and use goblin grenade XD.

    I'm sure I'd eventually get the hang of draft if I spent more time doing it, but I always get so self-conscious when I'm playing. I'm more comfortable with my red deck because I know my strategy and I know how it plays.

    So, I’m kind of excited about DnD 5th edition and Warhammer 40K: Only War being in their beta states. On the 5th edition front, I wonder how they’re going to fight the Pathfinder for the 3.5 market or if they’re going to try in yet another completely new direction. Apparently they’re going to try to combine 3.5 and 4.0, which sounds kind of disastrous. But hey, they might pull it off. Doubtful, but there’s still at least some hope.

    On Only War, I can’t help but think making an RPG out of following the Imperial Guard would have been the first logical step. Really, it seems like a much easier place for noobs to the setting to jump in. But I guess they were aiming for people who were already into the tabletop game with the other two. I keep getting the feeling it’s not going to be anywhere near as popular as the other RPG books though. Maybe if they kept the Black Crusade character creation system, but that doesn’t fit the rank feel of the Imperium. And after you’re acquainted with the universe, who’d play a glorified red shirt when you can be a Tech-Priest, a Navigator or a Space Marine of pretty much any variety? The only thing they need to do now is make a system based around the Xenos exclusively instead of relying on a billion supplements.

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2012

    The guys at my local card shop took pictures of everyone during the last free Standard tourney.

    So here’s me teaching the new guy how to play during our match. He actually took advantage of my niceness and won once.

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2012

    Double post because I finally got a decent look at RtR and OMGSQUEE!!!

    I think I’m in love.


    Is he playing the GB event deck? also yes RTR indeed owns bones

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2012

    Nope. He was playing with his friend’s GB deck. It may have started life as the GB event deck, but his friend tweaked it a fair amount.

    It was still no match against my mono-white deck though (for all his friend’s claims that it was a strong deck). If I hadn’t been nice, the match would’ve been a massive curb stomp. And then I played his friend later, and completely stomped him. Said friend actually forfeited out of frustration. It was hilarious.

    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2012 edited


    You tap in the wrong direction, though >:[

    edit: my LGS owner(who is one of my good friends) is basically giving me free packs/tickets on MTGO so I can draft for him. He gets all the cards, and I get to draft for free. Kickass.

    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2012

    You tap in the wrong direction, though >:[

    Lies. So long as the card is at a 90° angle, all is kosher.

    Screw the arrow.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2012

    I’m thinking about playing T2 again, but I need to scope out the stores around here for FNM still. I still haven’t formulated a plan for dealing with thragtusk, but I’m very stubborn about not playing them even if I can afford to. I just don’t believe in, “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2012

    Pithing Needle

    There’s also Detention Sphere if you like playing U/W.

    Or, if you’re feeling particularly evil/confident, Havoc Festival is always an option, especially if you have cards like Bump in the Night and Chalice of Life / Death. Paired with Lifelink and other life-altering effects, especially on cards like Deathrite Shaman, Elixir of Immortality, Essence Harvest, and Killing Wave (among others), and that’s a pretty nasty answer to Thratgust. And quite a few other things.

    Plus it’s cheap. ;P

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2012

    Pithing Needle is a great choice. I was very surprised they reprinted that in RtR of all places. I’ve been building RDW and Thragtusk always rains on my party when he shows up and ruins my ground game. Then it’s a lottery of whether I have enough reach to win or not given that they have a source of life gain now. Restoration Angel is so ridiculous that I probably will play a bunch of them once Boros gets released. Or maybe I’ll just go back to playing control. Aggro is a fun mindset, but it also leaves me feeling out of options too often for my tastes.


    Needle doesn’t work on Thragtusk. Its abilities are all triggered, not activated.

    The Star City Open is rolling into town this weekend, and I’ve already got my Legacy deck more or less ready(UW CounterTop), but I too am in the position of trying to find a deck to play against thragtusk-dot-meta. I’d probably be playing UWG or WBG Thragtusk if I could, but my brother and I share cards and we’ve only got one set of them between us. I had been playing UWR control with Jace/Tamiyo/Terminus before aggro decks got squeezed out by Thragtusk, but I’m probably gonna switch over to UWR tempo since it’s supposed to have game against the BRG Thragtusk variant at least. Tentative list is as follows:

    So yeah, I guess I’m trying to treat Thragtusk like a hair in my food and eat around it.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2012 edited

    Good catch on the needle.

    I was thinking of side boarding Slaughter Games as a way of dealing with Thragtusk in R/B aggro. Not thrilled by it though.


    Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of Lobotomy-style effects for a number of reasons. I’d only go that route as a last resort. I’d try something like Traitorous Instinct or Nightbird’s Clutches(lol) and see how they work. RDW decks are so math-heavy that some weird card might be enough to push your numbers over the top when your opponent would’ve otherwise stabilized.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2012

    Zealous Conscripts is my favorite solution so far. It completely turns the board around and wins games against Thragtusk, but it’s a little high on my mana curve. Maybe I should just run Traitorous Instinct or whatever.


    Yeah, Conscripts were going to be my other suggestion, but as you said, they’re rather pricy for the average RDW setup. They’re definitely better than those cards I suggested in a more midrange-ish shell, but it might be tough to swing them in a pure aggro deck.

    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2012

    Re: Pithing Needle

    Well. I guess I’ll have to inform the guys at my favorite shop about the difference between triggered vs. activated effects. When I have a car I can drive down there, that is.

    And there will be much drama of the hilarious sort.

    Re: Thragtusk

    And this is why I love playing control. Essence Scatter makes everything so much simpler.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2012

    U/G Faeries was my favorite deck of all time to pilot. So much fun to be able to sit with mana open for counterspells and still play creatures at the end of their turn.

    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2012 edited

    Well. I guess I’ll have to inform the guys at my favorite shop about the difference between triggered vs. activated effects. When I have a car I can drive down there, that is.

    Yeah, the general guidelines are:
    If it contains a colon(always phrased as “[cost]:”), it is an activated ability.
    If it uses the word “when” or “whenever,” it’s a triggered ability.
    If it uses the combination of “if/would/instead,” it’s a replacement effect.
    If it’s just a statement that doesn’t use any of those conditional phrases, it’s a static ability.

    There are some exceptions to the verbiage, especially when you start talking about delayed triggers(like, say, exiling the angel token from Saint Traft at the end of combat), but those are good rules of thumb. The big place people tend to get confused is with triggered abilities and replacement effects, because triggers go on the stack and can be responded to, but replacement effects occur during spell/ability resolution in place of some other game action.

    To clarify that: You can use Goryo’s Vengeance to reanimate Emrakul with when Emrakul’s “shuffle back in trigger” goes off, but you can’t Goryo back a Progenitus because Progenitus never actually reaches the graveyard.

    Bottom line is life would be a lot easier for everybody if you could just put Needle on Thragtusk, but alas.

    U/G Faeries was my favorite deck of all time to pilot. So much fun to be able to sit with mana open for counterspells and still play creatures at the end of their turn.

    I miss Draw-Go style decks too, but the bigwigs at Wizards have said straight-up that they don’t want people to be able to play those kinds of decks anymore. Sadface.


    SCG Fort Worth Open tomorrow. I’m not too thrilled about Standard, but I’m gonna play in it anyway just on the off-chance I rungood all day. Sunday’s gonna be the bigger day for me(fuck yeah Legacy). I’m sure I’ll post boring updates from my phone.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2012

    Awesome. What are you piloting in each?


    UWR Tempo in Standard, similar to the list I posted upthread, but I made a few tweaks to it that’ll hopefully pan out. Playing UW CounterTop in Legacy, and the list is thus:

    4 Flooded Strand
    3 Misty Rainforest
    2 Arid Mesa
    3 Island
    2 Plains
    4 Tundra
    4 Mishra’s Factory

    3 Vendilion Clique
    4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    3 Counterbalance
    4 Sensei’s Divining Top

    4 Force of Will
    3 Counterspell
    2 Entreat the Angels
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Brainstorm
    1 Detention Sphere
    3 Terminus
    1 Supreme Verdict
    2 Spell Pierce

    Sideboard is still TBD, but it’ll have Terminus #4, Elspeth 1.0, Counterbalance #4, probably another Detention Sphere, and some number of Rest in Peace. I had been playing a Snapcaster build prior to this but it’s almost always the worst card in the deck, and I’d rather have Clique to close out games in a timely fashion considering it’ll be at least 7 rounds. The CB curve is a little more even now with the Cliques and the second Entreat too, to tell those Knights to fuck off back to their Reliquary.


    3-1 in Standard so far. Wins versus GW aggro, GWu aggro, the UWR mirror, and a loss against UWG control. Came within a Searing Spear of winning each of those games too.


    I dropped when I hit 3-3, but my brother’s 7-0 and needs to win one of the next two to make top 8. I’ll see if I can find the archived video footage when I get home to post, since he played in/won a feature match in round 5.

    • CommentAuthorSlyShy
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2012

    Nice, 7-0 is very impressive. What were your other two losses to?


    Got stuck on 3 lands against UW aggro, and then lost in 3 to UWR Burning Vengeance, which was the worst feeling in the world.

    My brother hit the skids after round 7 and finished 7-3, which was good for 29th(which was still a hundred bucks). He punted a game 2 against UW aggro in round 8 that he probably would’ve won with more conservative play, based on the cards he had coming up, and then he played in another feature match in round 9 and his deck took an absolute shit on him. That round was against UWR tempo, and he saw 7 lands in two games, even with a mulligan in game 2. Apparently the commentators felt sorry for him as he got steamrolled by the Geist>Resto>Thundermaw nut curve and died on turn 5, which is amusing.


    Congrats, Sansa on your victories.

    I did some standard before Mirodin 2 rotated out, but now looks like I’m back to just enjoying the supplemental projects and working on a modern deck or two. I mean, words can’t describe how much I love Innistrad block (well… Avacyn made a few obvious mistakes) but I don’t like 2013. Though I will be participating in the Ravinca prereleases because I love the guilds as themes etc.

    I’m finding myself sucked more into L5R as a lot about its meta and the way its run appeals to me. (hopefully will get to go to a small tournament this weekend) Anyone here know which game I refer to? (though after watching Game of Thrones, I’d sell my left kidney to get a GoT game in the L5R expansion that’s compatible)

    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2012

    I was just contemplating resurrecting this thread :3

    My tabletop gaming club just picked up the new edition of Netrunner and I really like it so far. I like the LCG model far better than CCG’s, and the asymmetrical gameplay of Netrunner is really interesting.

    If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a LCG originally by the creator of Magic: The Gathering. It was a CCG that got discontinued about ten years back because it died after they released a set that perfectly balanced the game (har har – proof to my theory that the only reason that people keep buying Magic cards is to find new ways to unbalance the game). Now it’s been picked up and reissued by Fantasy Flight with some changes.

    Basically, one player plays an evil corporation and the other player the ‘runner,’ a hacker infiltrating the corp. The corp deck is completely defensive; its goal is to advance seven points of agendas to win the game. The runner is completely offensive; he wins if he steals seven points of agendas from the corp. There’s different corps and runner factions and each has different styles of gameplay, for example a virus deck which leeches power away from the corp’s ‘ice’ (barriers they can put up to keep you from getting to their agendas) and a corp deck that uses brute-force tactics to gain money, but takes bad publicity (IMO free money for the runner through crowd-sourcing) as a result.

    The starter decks are very well balanced, and the first expansions are about to come out, so I might start on some deckbuilding of my own. The flavour is also fun, and I’d like to see where they go with it. If FFG goes the L5R route with regards to storyline, that would make me extremely happy.


    Miel, if you’re ever in the area, I’ll give this game a try. My only hesitation is that Fantasy Flight has a tendency to… over-accessorize their games, as well as overcomplicate them. I wanted to like Anima’s card version, but it’s rules for quests (the win condition) were near byzantine. Is netrunner pretty simple as far as rule comprehension and/or set up? (I don’t like games that take longer to set up than to play)

    I do admit, I like some of the structure of LCGs, though whether a game should go that route or CCG I think depends on each. I was VERY bitter that FFG did not pick up the engine of Decipher’s LotR TCG (which was so beautiful and robust, if it was a woman, it would be Christina Hendricks) and use the opportunity to rebuild and learn from Decipher’s mistakes.


    So, did 2 prerelease Gatecrash tournaments over the weekend. Initial thoughts:

    • Boros is the definite winner for limited. They may get pwned in constructed but they are THE guild to try and beat in limited.
    • Simic and Gruul are the next best with being a little more conditional. Gruul can win with frightening speed (I took 5th out of 16 2nd night with them). Simic are just unpredictable and fun. I’m wanting to try constructed decks of both.
    • Dimir and Orzhov are both good, but HIGHLY card conditional. The previous 3 are composed of colors where it is very hard to pull a bad base for them. The colors of these guilds mean you need to pull a good base or go somewhere else. Surprisingly, they pair extremely well as you can extort off a cipher. I’m interested to see how well someone can draft a Dimir mill deck.
    • The new Gideon (I pulled a foil one on night 1) is a BEAST. Seriously, he just needs his first two abilities. By the time you get to his ultimate, you’ve probably already smashed the opponent’s face in (so glad proliferate rotated out). I’m thinking he’s going to be nearly as format warping as Jace, MS.
    • CommentAuthorNossus
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2013

    I started playing Magic again.

    Anyone who plays Standard is a complete chump imho.


    Yeah I’m putting a bit more effort into modern. Though standard isn’t too bad if you want to test out some of the new stuff.


    I am both excited and terrified by the idea of trying to GMing a tabletop game again. Excited because GMing really lets me run loose with improv and gives me a creative high, terrified because I’m GMing for the remains of a group that recently exploded in due to some drama.

    The system in question is the Kerberos Club, an offshot of the FATE system. I’m currently having a few issues getting character creation done in this system because it’s so much more flexible than Pathfinder or Dark Heresy. I wish I was joking but there really are issues with character creation because everyone’s stuck in the “what can I do” mindset instead of the “what CAN’T I do” mindset.

    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2014 edited

    Here’s my current group’s records for quickest death sorted by system. We’ve played more systems but no one’s died in any of those.

    Pathfinder/D&D 3.5: 2 sessions in.
    Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/FF40K: 2 hours in.
    Call of Cthulhu: 1 hour in.
    Paranoia: 2 minutes in.

    This is part of why Paranoia is my favorite tabletop game ever.


    Apparently my boyfriend thinks Paranoia is too nihilistic for him. I see a funny as hell game where you have to earn your victories by being creative over number crunching, he sees a depressing ride off despair and pointless shenanigans that don’t actually effect any part of the in game universe.

    And yet the group is playing Call of Cthulhu next week and he says he’s looking forward to it. I can only see a whole bunch of disappointment coming from this.

    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2014 edited

    I only know CoC by reputation and the source material, and even I know that you don’t “win” CoC – you survive it.

    Yeah, you’re character is probably going to die in both games, but at least in Paranoia that doesn’t mean a whole lot.


    In Paranoia death is hilarious and most likely your own fault. In CoC death is random, cruel and sometimes your own fault, sometimes the result of rolling badly. You’re also supposed to actually have a character for CoC.


    Hey, there is a tabletop game called MonsterHeart that I’d like to try running someday. It’s a tongue in cheek paranormal romance game where you play as stock characters and try to deal with being a teenager. We tend to spork the exact kinds of books this game is both playing straight and making fun of, would anyone be interested in a one shot?

    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2015 edited

    Sure, sounds like fun. How would that be run, with the distance between everyone?

    Also, can I call dibs on the brooding angst-ridden dark elf prince?


    Go for it, would fit in well with the Queen or the Fae.

    I was thinking of either turn-by-turn on the forum itself or through Skype. It doesn’t rely on actual tables so text-only seems like a good option.

    The Basic Concepts:

    The Skins:

    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2015

    gaze into the abyss

    Does it gaze also into you?

    I want to be The Werewolf, physical violence is comfortably familiar amongst all the other supernatural stuff and subtle manipulations.