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    May 2nd 2011

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    Jul 25th 2012

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  • In my spare time I..

    Roast game devises and feed them to magic lepracauns so they mow my room and clean my lawn. Read and write stories (I will eventually post one).

  • Pets

    Like..... ALOT

  • WorldDonimationPlans

    On hold due to lack of blue pencils and wood stoves.

  • Quotes

    Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? You must be, oh your not, on the phone.... Oh sorry.

  • Music

    I LOVE IT. I am a singer and have been decorated and praised for it!

  • Problems

    Multiple brain explotions, Multiple personality diorder No i don't yes I do No I don't Yes I do......I will get back to you on that.

  • Sport

    Is awesome and I play them because of that fact


    A LOT! Not really, Actually a lot, Maybe a little, I am sooooo Awesome figure shadowed you die now! All gone its all me now!

  • Ability to confuse

    High, Very High, EXTREEMLY HIGH!