Today is day five. Did anyone notice I went missing? Is anyone looking for me, or am I simply a nobody someone kidnapped and stuck in this room? I don’t remember if I lived alone or with others before I woke up here. I still remember how to do laundry, though. Maybe that’s a sign I lived alone before all this.

I only mentioned laundry because I’m currently washing my scrubs in the sink. They were starting to feel a bit grungy. Unfortunately there aren’t any spares, so I wrapped myself up in one of my sheets, just in case the voice had eyes.

Even if someone noticed I went missing, what are the chances they would find me here? As far as I can tell, this room is completely sealed off from the outside world. I haven’t completely discounted the fact that there could be other doors that I haven’t found…after all, the door to the library looks like just another bit of wall until it slides open.

But the chances of me finding the exit are slim. The room is rather large, and the doors have no distinction from the walls. Even if I was sure I found a door, I would have no way of opening it. The voice seems to slide them open at its will.

A “he”—I think the voice is a he. Or rather, the owner of the voice is an it, but the voice itself is a he.

“It is time to continue your test. Please proceed to the library.”

I dry off my hands and return to Eragon.

— — —

Chapter 4: Fate’s Gift

: Zzzzzzz…
Egg: [squeak]
: “Mrrrgh” [blink blink]
Egg: [squeak squeak]
: “Shut up you damn rock!”


Egg: [squeak squeak rattle]
Egg: [HATCH]
: [born]

— — —

After putting in the bookmark, I address the ceiling.

“This is a really short chapter. How about I keep going with the next one?”

“That is not necessary, tomorrow you will return to read chapter 5.”

I go back to washing my scrubs.

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  1. SubStandardDeviation on 14 January 2009, 01:16 said:


    Wow, this is a short chapter. Best part was the windshield-splattered smiley.

  2. MegaB on 14 January 2009, 09:11 said:

    Haha! That was rich! The smiley part was pretty funny, although why was there a ‘crazy-going-fangirl’ one there? That kinda had me stumped!

    Keep it up Kitty!

  3. LucyWannabe on 14 January 2009, 09:59 said:

    “Shutup you damn rock!”


  4. SlyShy on 14 January 2009, 13:18 said:

    Oh, right, I forgot how varied the chapter lengths in this book were.

    I was wondering whether you would use the Saphira emoticon from DEM or something else. I guess something else. :P

  5. Jeni on 14 January 2009, 18:54 said:


    You do realise you’ll have to do all three books now, yes?

  6. Kitty on 14 January 2009, 20:05 said:

    Nonsense, three books would kill me.

    Anyway, MegaB, that’s not a screaming fangirl, that’s someone freakin’ out.

  7. SlyShy on 14 January 2009, 21:15 said:


    Not if she can escape, she won’t. ;)

  8. Lionus on 14 January 2009, 22:10 said:

    So that’s why Psyduck always had a headache. He had a premonition of Eragon.

  9. The One Formerly Known as Juni on 15 January 2009, 10:35 said:

    Haha, these make me laugh. SlyShy, can you find a way to keep her locked inside long enough to do all three? Or are you * gasps * THE VOICE?

    PS- There seems to be a “Jeni” and so confusion might abound with regards to identities. Thus, I may may change my “name”, which is fine. No problem.

  10. Jeni on 16 January 2009, 21:09 said:

    D: Is Sly being silly again? HE CAN READ, keep your name, o lovely Juni.

    Kitty: although I don’t wish to sacrifice your life, the funnies are seeming very important at the moment.

  11. The One Formerly Known as Juni on 16 January 2009, 22:25 said:

    I actually really like my new name. And how’d you know I’m lovely? It must be implied in my typing… :D

    Kitty, you have to do all three books or else I’ll never know the plot to book 3.

  12. Snow White Queen on 27 February 2009, 21:26 said:

    Yes, Kitty, PLEASE!

    does Ewok worship thingy from Return of the Jedi

  13. Smokey the Rat on 6 July 2009, 20:42 said:

    you shouldve used the kracken for saphira XD

  14. fffan on 4 February 2010, 07:12 said:

    heh. love the psyduck thingy