An accurate depiction of Eragon’s face when he swears and suddenly he shoots fire.

Line courtesy Agony Booth and art style courtesy MSPaint Lolz.

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  1. Virgil on 4 October 2008, 17:39 said:

    Psh, you forgot the bow.

    Its 38 and 2/3 inches long, and the crest has a curvaceous acinaciform that draws the equestrian escutcheon down the back.

    Also, the conflagration has a slight amethystine shade on the ventral trough.

    How do you not know this?!

    P.S. I do not know all these words. All it means is you forgot the bow and the fire was blue.

  2. SlyShy on 4 October 2008, 19:05 said:

    Hahaha, nice Kitty. I’d love to see some scenes of the book done in this style. Particularly the scene where Eragon picks up the molar of a dead soldier and plays with it in his palm.

  3. Kitty on 4 October 2008, 19:25 said:

    @Virgil: I stopped caring about the details once I got through “wind howled through the night” in the prologue. :B

    @SlyShy: I’ll do more of these MS Paint atrocities, so that one shall be next. xP

  4. Virgil on 4 October 2008, 19:59 said:

    Haha its fine. I was just bored and looked up those in a thesaurus. I’d like to see more Eragon moments in MS paint.

  5. Snow White Queen on 15 October 2008, 11:35 said:

    i second that!

  6. Shaleen on 22 February 2009, 16:45 said:

    Haha, omg, that’s great. There need to be more of these.

  7. Rand on 22 February 2009, 18:12 said:

    Wow, you do things I never knew you could with MS Paint.

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