1. fffan on 31 December 2010, 22:44 said:

    Aww, what a nice guy. He gave you toilet paper.

  2. Charlotte on 1 January 2011, 16:38 said:

    That was rather odd and trippy but am looking forward to the spork…

  3. NeuroticPlatypus on 5 January 2011, 15:43 said:

    This video was pretty funny. Good job.

  4. The Cat on 19 January 2011, 17:32 said:

    This was funny… I like the evil guy who planted stereo + pressure pads on your walls… poor you.

    This is actually really random, but does anyone know how to post an article. I keep going to the Submission Form, but it’s just the HomeScreen. Do you have to have an account to post an article?