Hi, everyone.

Thrown With Great Force is back after a long absence; Episode 2 of my Twilight spork has finally been uploaded onto Youtube.

Note that although it’s called Episode 2, it’s actually part 1 of the review, since Episode 1 didn’t contain any actual sporking, and was just the set-up for the framing device.

Not a lot of people saw Episode 1, so check it out first if you haven’t already.

I appreciate any feedback (for both vidoes).


  1. Danielle on 19 February 2011, 16:53 said:

    “That’s like a Zimbabwe hooker whining about not having AIDS!”

    Epic analogy. So wrong, yet so perfect for Bella. (Especially if you take into account her wanting Edward to turn her into a vampire….and if you use vampirism as a metaphor for AIDS…..)

    And +5000000000 awesomeness for the Monty Python clips.

  2. NeuroticPlatypus on 20 February 2011, 01:06 said:

    Good job. I like the Twilight ones better than the others so far, but it’s probably because I’ve actually read it and can better enjoy the mocking.

    I will say one thing though. I thought the “my mother is part albino” thing was supposed to be sarcastic, but I don’t remember sure. I might be remembering that from the musical.

  3. Apep on 20 February 2011, 13:06 said:

    Yeah, the whole albino comment was supposed to be a joke, although given Meyer’s writing style, I can’t blame you for not noticing that. Most inanimate objects have a better sense of humor than Meyer.

    As for the big ‘secret’ of Edward Cullen being a vampire, it would be pretty damn obvious even without the blurb giving it away. To quote Chester A. Bum, “People from Egypt know you’re a vampire! You don’t hide it very well! All that’s missing is a shirt that says ‘I Am A Vampire – Bite Me.’”

  4. falconempress on 23 February 2011, 04:49 said:

    First of all:


    Most inanimate objects have a better sense of humor than Meyer.

    You are hilarious my friend. The sad part is that you are right.

    @ Komedic:

    Ditto love for Monty Python clips. Oh the hilarity. Also the hooker joke was priceless. Keep these up :D

  5. Juniper on 23 February 2011, 22:58 said:

    Funny! I also appreciate that you kept the perverted humor to a minimum. :)

  6. The Cat on 25 February 2011, 13:47 said:

    Hilarious… and awesome criticism at the same time.

    And I agree with everyone- the clips are really funny too. Awesome job.