1. ProserpinaFC on 4 November 2010, 08:08 said:

    Dear God. I must say, your make-up is very well done.

    I don’t know what terrifies me more: your Jokerness popping out at me or a twelve-year-old’s sexual awakening as written by a middle-aged man.

  2. SweetRunningBreeze on 5 November 2010, 17:41 said:

    Ew 12… Gross.

    And I really liked the Golden Compass, too. Dangit.

  3. Asahel on 5 November 2010, 23:15 said:

    Someone should’ve reminded Pullman that a climax is the peak of action in the book and not something that should be happening between preteens.

  4. Komedic on 6 November 2010, 07:14 said:

    Anyone who got what the comment about them doing it on a golf course was a reference to deserves some kind of gold medal for geekiness.

  5. Klutor the Ninth on 6 November 2010, 09:14 said:

    @Asahel – climax… heeheehee.

    Yeah, that whole “i wuv u, i wuv u 2”-thing was a bit clumsy, IMO. “Clumsy” here meaning “they’re little kids, what the hell are they doing declaring eternal love for each other?”

  6. lookingforme on 6 November 2010, 11:35 said:

    I remember their love being the most unconvincing romance ever…it was like Pullman felt like there had to be some sort of romance, so he just stuck it in there. I did not remember the kiddy smut, however…God, Pullman, you sick bastard!

  7. ProserpinaFC on 8 November 2010, 10:05 said:


    Okay, now to complain about the other parts of this ending.

    Again, I ask, what the hell was the point of this story? If this was, ultimately, the conflict between Lyra and her parents, HOW was it resolved by her parents throwing themselves into a hole?

    Does she even think about them in these drawn-out chapters following the death of The Father and her parents? Is there any type of thematic irony addressed to the fact that all three are parent figures she resents?

    Or does the sex take forfront?

    Also, yes, very dumb to have a woman say that because her occupation required celibacy, it makes perfect sense to leave her entire religion so that she can knock boots. Of course, it’s far too rational to just STOP BEING A NUN. Yes, let’s renouce God for a pledge that SHE made to him for no other reason than SHE thought she should.

    A friend and I was laughing at just the stupidity of writing an atheist story with the intent of fighting a god you don’t beileve exists.

    “This guy must be a Christian troll.”

  8. Komedic on 8 November 2010, 10:44 said:

    @Prosperina: IIRC, Lyra does at least spare her parents a thought, and uses her magical clairvoyancy device to find out what happened to them. Only it turns out she’s lost her ability to use it (for no adequately explained reason) and thus never finds out what happened to them, or how they redeemed themselves.

  9. ProserpinaFC on 8 November 2010, 12:18 said:

    Awww… That’s so stupid.

    Also, I forgot to commend your brilliant reprise of Still Alive. I didn’t think you’d do the whole song, but there you go. :)

    I played it sooo many times. Thanks for consuming 30 minutes of my life.