1. ProserpinaFC on 3 August 2010, 20:29 said:

    I’ve been coming to the site every day to see the next episode of Thrown With Great Force! I’m glad that my stalker ways have rewarded me with first comment! :D

    I’m writing about an clergy that goes astry, but I hope not to be, um, anti-preachy? lol

  2. Charlotte on 4 August 2010, 23:35 said:

    Awesome as always. You’ve inspired me to read through the series just to see if it’s as silly as I think it is…

  3. Zephronias on 5 August 2010, 20:54 said:

    I don’t think ‘win’ is a strong enough word to aptly describe your sporkings. Someone find a thesaurous(sp?), then mail it to me.

  4. sweguy on 14 August 2010, 18:20 said:

    Im sorry, but I disagree with some of your sporking points.

    Yes, the big guy they have to kill in the end is The Almighty God, so therefore, these books must me anti-our God.
    But I disagree. Because when I read the books, The Almighty God was no where near as annoyingly evil and corrupt as the Magisterium, or whatever its called in english (a swede commenting)

    So to me, the wickedness in this book is not the face of god, but the fanatics. Which I think is a pretty good moral look on life. Fanatics are not doing any good anywhere. So therefore, I dont think the books are anti-religious.

  5. Puppet on 14 August 2010, 18:33 said:

    Exactly, sweguy.

  6. Loni on 4 October 2010, 04:36 said:

    I think you’re being a little unfair on the subject of the mulefa. I mean, any alien race becomes ridiculous if you sum them up in a few words in the style you did just then.

    They never seemed like ‘elephants’ to me – the only elephant-like thing about them is the trunk, and I always pictured them more like a tapir or something. And the whole diamond-shaped skeleton thing was really quite an interesting concept, as was the slow evolution of symbiosis with the wheel-trees.