1. Nate Winchester on 12 October 2010, 22:05 said:

    Win for the Iron Man meme reference.

    Actually this sounds like another plot mishap by Pullman. So the subtle knife (if I understood the debate from the last time – I blacked out a ways into it) seems tied to Will’s psyche and shattered when his mind did… too or something.

    Anyway, why doesn’t the quest to reconcile with his father in the deads’ lands play a major role in reforging the subtle knife? Gah! Wasted plot!

    The musical line should have had some corresponding picture…

  2. Kytescall on 13 October 2010, 04:57 said:

    I read this book a long time ago, but I recall getting the impression that Mrs. Coulter stealing Lord Asriel’s Intention Craft was intentional or expected. When she flyies off with it, he and his commanders just laugh it off. In fact, doesn’t Asriel more or less explicitly say that he was expecting this?

    Also,Will and Lyra entering the underworld wasn’t quite as random as you make it sound. Remember that Will can sense different worlds before he cuts into them, and IIRC, they’ve been hopping between worlds for days. He knew that what turned out to be the underworld was different from the others before he chose to enter it.

    I don’t think all of these criticisms are fair.

  3. Komedic on 13 October 2010, 13:24 said:

    I just double-checked (I have the book right here in front of me) and while Lord Asriel was quite blase about Mrs. Coulter stealing the intention craft, he definately didn’t PLAN for it: he merely acknowledged that he should’ve seen it coming.

    “Well, King [Ogunwe, Asriel’s second-in-command), you were quite right,” [Lord Asriel] said. “and I should’ve listened to you in the first place. She is Lyra’s mother; I might have expected something like that.”

    - The Amber Spyglass, Chapter 16

    Of course, this just makes him getting hit on the head by the Idiot Ball even more ridiculous and contrived.

    And while it’s true that Will can sense different worlds as he cuts into them, and he did sense that the underworld was different from the others, he still cut into it on a whim.