Much shorter than usual – only one part this time.


  1. SMARTALIENQT on 9 June 2010, 20:54 said:

    “Apparently, Tourettes gives you the power to summon hilariously contrived Deus Ex Machina on a whim!”

    I love this. So, so much. Obviously, the Ra’zac took one of the Eragon plot holes and mixed it with logic, therefore creating something like a matter/anti-matter bomb and exploding the house. Obviously.

    But I disagree with you: there is a perfectly fine swear word besides “Belgium”, and it’s in Drow: “Vith dos, elg’caress! Dos orn satiir l’yorn d’ussta drith!”

    OK, it’s actually a translated phrase, but who cares?

    Keep going with this!

  2. Apep on 9 June 2010, 23:46 said:

    I was under the impression that Drow was a variant Elvish…

    Then again, if the translations of Firefly are right, there’re probably some suitable swears in some Chinese dialect…

    Anyway, keep it up!

  3. Charlotte on 11 June 2010, 19:52 said:

    Looking forward to your next episode.