If you are a staff writer capable of posting your own articles, there are some general guidelines you should follow in order to respect your fellow scribes:

1. Don’t post an article until the currently featured article has been live for at least twenty-four hours.

This can be accomplished in more than one way. The first is to simply wait twenty-four hours to post your own article as live. The second is slightly more complicated and involves changing the timestamp (located under the “More” tab on the right side of Textpattern’s article editor). Under “Timestamp,” you can adjust the date and time that your article will post. Set it to at least twenty-four hours after the currently live article was posted.

You can see when articles were posted in Textpattern if you go to “Content” and then to “Articles.” The date and time will be under “Posted.” Sometimes there will be articles that are live but have not actually been posted to the site yet. The entries for these articles will look slightly faded, and the dates that they were posted will be future dates. When you see this, you should go back to your own article and change the timestamp to twenty-four hours after the live article with the latest date in the queue.

2. If there are a lot of pending articles in the queue, hold off posting your own article for a couple of days.

This is to give the editors time to read and approve the currently pending articles. Freelancers are unable to post their own articles, so out of respect for them, allow a couple of days for an editor to start posting those articles that are currently pending.

3. If you are an editor, be sure to post currently pending articles that are ahead of your own before you post your own articles.

Editors are capable of posting other people’s articles and editing already posted articles. It’s an editor’s job to read through the work of freelancers, make any corrections or edits that are necessary, and then post those articles.

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